Firaxis, why hast thou forsaken me? (No Civ Revolution for PSP)

C’mon guys, how come you aren’t showing us PSP owners some love?


I’m guessing the Firaxis website, which has this:

Arriving on Xbox 360, PS3 and DS in Spring of 2008 and on Wii Fall 2008

on this page about the game.

I’m guessing the targets were chosen based on economics, not malice.

The install base of the PSP is pretty big these days, certainly bigger than any of the home consoles – even the Wii. So I don’t quite understand why they wouldn’t do a PSP version if they target everything else.

Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!

But if you still want a PSP version, there is a way to help see it through: When CivRev ships, buy as many copies (on as many different platforms) as you can afford. (I’d recommend over a dozen.) If Take 2 sees that it’s a multi-million seller on every platform, they’ll greenlight the PSP version and you’ll get your wish!

A patch for civ4?

Haha, nice. :)

I’ve been focused on CivRev, but I believe a patch for BtS (and Civ4) is coming out soon. I’ll check on Monday.

Last we saw it was mentioned Monday or Tuesday. Push for Monday because dang… I want to play the awesomeness post-patch!

I’m kind of sad that they aren’t releasing it for the PC.

You get your butt away from making that silly console version (with the ethnic barbarians that SOMEHOW didn’t make the cut into the real deal…) and make me a patch! And some coffee! Easy on the cream!


I’m kind of sad that they aren’t releasing it for the PC.

The PC is sooo 2000.

Considering the way Take Two is getting with its DRM, its probably for the best.

That’s what I got.


Looks like I get back to BTS again. There go my evenings.

Yeah, because if there’s a franchise which has been ignoring the PC for far too long, it’s Civilization.