Fire Emblem & Advance Wars 2 - playable without manual?

Based on the recommendations in the previous thread…

Spoke to a couple of EBs and they said both titles are discontinued (odd, because they’re both listed as available new on their web store). Anyway, I managed to track down pre-played versions of both games at a good price, but neither come with any packaging or manuals, just the cart.

Am I going to have a hard time with either game if I don’t have a manual?

They both have pretty good tutorials.

Yeah they hold your hand in the beginning. Go for it.

Normally the lack of packaging would put me off as I’m a completist, but since the GBA cardboard packaging is pretty disposable anyway…

Now the DS packagaing, THAT is more like it.

Nintendo will also sell you replacement manuals for any nintendo published title. (if your completist-ness is worth that)

It kinda annoys me that you can’t use your EB Edge (store credit) card to buy stuff from their online store.

Yeah I always was kind of amazed they dont take much advantage to the fact that they have a site and stores.

I use occasionally for trading used crap,
it has assy trade in prices, but they’ll ship your tiems to you, then you use the box to send them what you are trading, so it’s kkinda cool sometimes. They have crazy prices though, I got SOTN from them for 8.99, but some windows oldies are $50. Hell iridion3d for gba is 50$.

They do have awars2 for $20 though (new)

Gary, I recommend though that you try to get the Fire Emblem manual. There are several stats and menu items that they never explain in the game, and these do have a big impact. Also, you’ll probably want the handy references contained therein, such as item lists and how the janken tactics are considered. I know I always refer to any particular Fire Emblem manual several times throughout the game when I play them, even though I’ve long been familiar with the mechanics. At the very least, you might want to download a good, comprehensive mechanics FAQ, so you know how to do the math for damage for instance without reading the manual, as that’s a useful thing you’d lose from the manual that isn’t mentioned in the game.

Though it has simple controls, Fire Emblem has so many nuances its best to have every material on hand and even then I find people ask questions. It may appear rather shallow at first, but the game is actually quite deep.

I also recommend you try and get both Advance Wars games, maybe I’m biased since despite having to wait years, we have both in the same cartridge, but I think the two games fit too well and if you really like one, the other is like an excellent extension. (Which is pretty much true of all Advance Wars and Fire Emblem games.)


I just checked and they do have fire emblem manuals, advance wars manuals etc…

$1.25 each, not bad at all.

Hmm. I haven’t even glanced at my Fire Emblem manual yet as the game seems to have pop-up help for everything. I guess I should take a look.

Dude, manuals are never mandatory, especially since tutorials kicked in.

I can’t think of one game where I need the manual in the last couple of years.

They’re a nice read sometimes though…


Manuals are unnecessary for those two games. I’m surprised to discover that the games are out of print. Maybe that’s why they’re discounted at all the retail places.

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