Fire Emblem: finished Eliwood's story - what now?

I’m late to the party but I finally finished Eliwood’s campaign in the first GBA Fire Emblem. And holy crap what an amazing game! Definitely one of my top 10.

So what now? I know I can play through Eliwood’s campaign again on Hard mode. Apparently also a Hector campaign is now unlocked. Does that continue the story after the cliffhanger ending from Eliwood’s story? If I play Hector’s (or Eliwood’s again) do I have to do the 10 mission Lyn tutorial again and is it in Hard mode?

Or should I just skip right to the Sacred Stones?

Hector’s campaign is harder than Eliwood’s, and it overlaps Eliwood’s campaign quite a bit.

I played it and enjoyed it, but I think Sacred Stones is an ever-so-slightly better game. They’ve made small changes, but nice ones. I guess I’ll suggest that you skip to Sacred Stones, unless you have a huuuge appetite for Fire Emblem.

Weird explanation of the plot line -there have been three FE games released in Japan:
FE6 (not released in the US)
FE7 (FE)
FE8 (FE:Sacred Stones)

FE7 is a prequel to FE6 (if that makes any sense) and (afaik) involves Eliwood’s kids and the prince. If you’re interested in continuing the story, look for the fan translation of the game that’s floating around the web somewhere.

Otherwise I’d go for Sacred Stones because it is new material. It isn’t clearly better than the first, but there’s a number of cool additions that make it more interesting than playing through Hector’s campaign. It also lets you set the difficulty setting from the start, so you don’t have to play through the entire game to play the game on hard.


I knew there were several Fire Emblem games before the first US GBA one. What I didn’t realize was that the first Fire Emblem GBA game was released in Japan only and never came here to the US.

I wonder why they never released it?

Because we Americans would rather play games featuring hip dudes.

The real reason is probably because FE6, while a better game than FE8, isn’t as polished as FE7 (in particular, there’s a lot of peculiar holes in the level up system). Furthermore, FE6 is brutally difficult - without a doubt harder than the other Fire Emblem games. Considering how many people already find Fire Emblem prohibitively difficult, you can see why they might want to keep the harder one back. FE7 is easier, but it’s the better, meatier game. If it was an issue of one or the other, I’m glad they started with FE7.

Translation’s here, by the way. It’s excellent: