Fire Emblem Three Houses - Nintendo Switch GOTY Contender?

It is very easy to ignore, but the first time the jump creep always gets you!

Is everyone using the new game plus feature when starting a new campaign or starting from scratch.

My current plan is to wait for the free update with Lunatic difficulty, then do NG+. It seems like it adds some fun bonuses and timesavers to play around with, but the game is already easy enough on Hard that I wouldn’t want to give myself any further bonuses for it.

I finally beat my first play through - just around the 28 hour mark. The last 2 missions are fairly challenging even under normal, although the rewinds still make it possible to get out w/o too much trouble. I did end up losing up losing 2 units near the end though.

I’m so slow at this game, I’m somewhere near 2/3 through and have passed the 50 hours mark.

Still can’t decide how much I like this game.

Wow. I’m nearly 80 hours in and am only just starting chapter 19. I would say that there might be too much game here, but I think I can ignore most of the extraneous stuff on subsequent playthroughs and finish it much more quickly.

Edit: Welp, after 90 hours I finally finished my Golden Deer playthrough. It had some serious pacing problems toward the end (here’s this army marching toward us/crucial objective to take, but you totally have time to faff about a monastery for the next four weeks; this happened for basically four straight months), the final battle was merely processional (all my characters were equal to the recommended difficulty level, except the PC and Claude who were a few above) and the ending was a bit underwhelming and felt kind of rushed narratively, but it was still a great experience overall. I’m going to probably wait until the winter holidays to dive back in. Hopefully by then lunatic mode is out. Otherwise, I’ll try to handicap myself some other ways. Maybe limiting myself to only doing main story battles and paralogues, or maybe trying to force characters into classes they’re not suited for (hello Fortress Knight Byleth).

Lances seem weak compared to the other weapons I’m my experience. Try an all lance party.

The one thing that cracks me up are the support dialogues. Many of them are really in your face topics between characters but their relationship grows.

Yeah, I think it may clue us about what the working environment might be like at Tecmo.

I don’t get that sense. For equivalent-tier weapons, the sword is the quickest and most accurate, the axe has the most raw damage, and the lance splits the difference.

Maybe take a look at the stats of the characters you have using each?

At any rate, I’ve just reached chapter 15, and unlocked my first master classes.

And that means it’s time to compare how everybody has developed, bench the underperformers, and use my hoarded stat-boosting items on the rest. Up until now, I’ve been rotating through 20+ characters figuring that some that seemed underwhelming would turn out strong, but with only 10 levels of growth left to happen, it’s time to accept that a few of them just aren’t going to turn that corner.

What is the best way to improve skills of the main character Byleth? Other than combat, which is limited.

Seminars, and later on also training at the monastery.

I think Seminars are actually a trap. You can get a lot more skill ups from professors then you can from Seminars. And you can also do multiple lunches to get more then 5 students up to full moral too. I can’t see any real reason to use the Seminars over just a regular day.

Well I finished this thing. Not sure how I feel about it.

I would echo what Fozzle said about seminars, I don’t remember how much training I got from it, but it’s hard to believe it would be worth skipping a day of battles or the monestary for. I also don’t really understand the point of the rest mechanic.

I feel I didn’t use the one on one training enough early on, it took a while to get my professor to a build I was happy with. I also didn’t start training people on riding or flying early enough, only getting my second flyer for the final battle.

Aside from giving your entire team a morale boost, the Rest day refilled uses of your special/magical weapon, which I can’t remember what it was called now, but if you used it heavily, Resting was the only way to regain durability for it.

How you could forget about something so elegantly and concisely named as the Sublime Creator Sword, I’ll never know!

When you have more than a couple action points to use.

Early on, at professor level D or lower, seminars are very useful.

Hmm. I may have waited too long. I’ve been pending most of my exploration time having meals to improve motivation and strengthen bonds to recruit other characters and almost none improving Byleth. It’s November I think and I don’t know when the time jump happens but it’s got to be fairly soon. Byleth is good at swords, but not much else, and not particularly good at swords.

Oh well I plan on replaying the other houses at a higher difficulty so well see what happens. Luckily the default difficulty is not very difficult.

One nice thing is that you get Byleth’s best class for “free”, so you don’t have to worry about getting a skill up ASAP to get them through a certification exam. Particularly if you’re happy with Byleth’s ‘default’ weapons and don’t want to have them be a flying bow rider or something, I think you’re fine doing it the way you have been.

Wait, that works? I had to give up on a couple of my recruitment targets because Byleth’s skills/stats were too low to recruit them. The main reason I think you should teach Byleth skills is to allow recruitment of important characters. I thought the relationship stuff just slightly reduced the requirements.

B level support and D in a relevant skill is definitely enough to recruit many/most of the out-of-house characters. I went on relatively that recruitment strategy and ended up with quite a few more than I could reasonably use.