Fire, Oh Fire

Fire, Oh Fire,
It’s been repeated,
Oh Higher,
I feel Like a Tiger
Oh Fire.

If you you think thats good what’ll you hear me sober.


He’s gonna be proud of this in the morning.

Imagine the look on your face when you discover you can’t delete posts.

I thought it was nice…

Good thing you quoted it. I suspect this is one post that’ll be getting a radical editing in a few hours. Wow.

Requoted for posterity.

Glad to participate in a potentially legendary thread.

It ryhmed

I vote to stake ScurvyPig.

For posterity!

My next drink is for you, babe.

He said this in response to the idea that he can’t delete posts.

Records need to be kept of this momentous occasion.

I thought her next drink was for me? !

Not my fault Shmtur has a um. Fast reflexes.

So, you and me, leave these losers behind. Desert shack and welfare sound good?

Just Desert shack. Welfare is a promise I can’t keep.

Really? A shack and possible welfare? You really know how to win a girl.

And all the drunken ramblings you could want!

I just found out welfare isn’t possible. How about a desert shack with a well.
I 'm really cute.