I’m thinking of switching browser from Opera to Firebird, mainly because there’s no way in hell I’ll pay for an Opera license anytime soon so I might as well go with the free option.

Now, what do I need to do to ensure full (or near-full) Opera functionality in Firebird?

I noticed Firebird’s Google search field is not as complete as Opera’s, Opera gives you the choice of searching with loads of search engines and automatically search google groups, can I get something similar in Firebird?

How the hell do I import my Opera bookmarks into Firebird?

What about mouse gestures?

Have I forgotten anything?

There are extensions to give you a cool Google Toolbar and mouse gestures. There’s a link on the Firebird extensions page.

I did my bookmarks by using Bookmark Priest.

I’ve been spending some time with Firebird lately, and I know for sure that there is a page of extensions here for Firebird. There’s a mouse gestures extension, goolge Toolbar extension (I’m using it now, pretty nifty), etc. My favorite extension is the ability to highlight a word or phrase and look it up either on Amazon, IMDB or in the right click menu.

Just a small headsup… make sure to read the Firebird build forums (link is included in the built-in bookmarks).

Right now the browser is fairly stable, but some nightlies have broken certain extension functionality, as well as some theme support. If you think something isn’t working quite right, it’s always a good idea to search and see if it’s a known issue. I don’t use any extensions myself, though there are some I’ve used in the past (mainly search engine extensions).

I only bring this up because I’d hate to see someone turn away from a great browser only because of a particularly buggy build they’d been exposed to :)

The download link is dead, I’m afraid, and so far my search for suitbale bookmark converters has drawn three blanks. Would you mind sending me the file? E-mail would work, or you could do it with WASTE (connect to Anders’ IP).

Oh, how does pop-up blocking work in Mozilla? In Opera I have it set not to block requested pop-ups, does Mozilla kill all popups?

It won’t block most requested pop-ups. It depends on how the page is doing them, though. But you can define domains from which to always allow pop-ups.

I won’t know for sure until I try it, but some sites use pop-ups both as part of the site and for advertising so defining domains won’t work.

Ah, but most refer to external servers! Give it a go, though, and see if you have any issues.