Firefly DVD

So the complete Firefly DVD is out… anyone have it yet? Impressions? Good extras?

I have it. It’s good to see all the episodes in widescreen and without those annoying commercials or network “bugs.” The extras range from ok to pretty good. The two featurettes are pretty good, but the other features are just kind of there. Especially the gag reel, which has been considerably shortened compared to the one floating around on the internet (which also made use of some copyrighted elements, which is probably why it couldn’t show up on the DVD in its full form.)

The commentaries are also of varying quality, with more talk about how fun the set was and how they all got along rather than the makeup and processes behind the firefly universe. I guess they’re saving some of it for the movie and hopeful that there will be another incarnation of the TV show, but there are definitely questions I would love to have answered that simply are glossed over.

Still, it remains a fantastic show, and it’s great to have it preserved on DVD.

Haven’t watched any of the extras, just finished disc one. I only saw about half of the episodes when it was on TV, so I was really excited about picking this up today. The audio wasn’t redone for 5.1, but other than that it sounds and looks great.

Can’t wait for the movie. Now get out there and buy this thing, Ben. Who knows, with Fox coming around on the Family Guy it’s possible that good sales on the DVD and movie will get us another season.

Hey, how cool is this? Serenity has a brief cameo in Battlestar Galactica:

Yeah, it’s the same special effects group. I really like the style of the space shots on both Firefly and the new Galactica show (ignoring quality of show otherwise). Really quite decent for a tv show.

Sucks that they had to shorten the gag reel – the net version is pretty hilarious. I wish they had the unaired pilot as well, not the version they reshot/edited after fox decided not to use it as a pilot.

Here’s an easter egg:
> Click “More” which takes you to the second page.
> Highlight the Joss version of the theme song and press left.
> This will highlight the big scroll design at the top. Press enter and
> you’ll get a clip of Adam Baldwin in a silly knit hat singing the
> Ballad of Jayne.

I tried to buy but Best Buy had sold out by the time I got off work Tuesday. I’ll track down a copy tomorrow.

Got the DVD for XMas.

Its great, however, at the end, I can’t help but feel anger at the powers that put the show in a crappy time slot, showed it out of order, and then canceled it.

I’ve watched all the commentaries now. All the ones with Joss are good, and the one with Wash and Kaylee is pretty amusing too. It sure would have been interesting to have the show a little darker. Originally they wanted to go ‘actual size’ rather than ‘larger than life’. Since they had to include larger-than-life villains anyway they ended up getting treated somewhat comically.

Yeah, I’ve watched the whole thing including commentaries and featurettes. Great show, great set. The commentary with Joss and Nathan Fillion for the pilot was hilarious.

The DVDs look beautiful, and I fly into an ape-like rage whenever I think about the show being cancelled. The only way I can calm down is to pet my sniper rifle and whisper sweet nothings into the chamber. “Soon, my dear, soon they will all pay…”

I tracked down the larger gag reel on the net, and it was worth it. My favorite part:

Bushwacked, when Wash is being interrogated. The official guy was supposed to look serious all the time, but Wash kept trying to get him to laugh.

Cut 1:

The legs. Oh-hh yea I have to definitely say it was her legs. Her
legs and right where her legs met her back (making the proper
inappropriate gesture). That, actually that whole area. The part
where the Lord split her if you know what I mean.

Cut 2:

I remember when I first met Zoe. I had a rash.

Cut 3:

There is no place on that woman that I wouldn’t put my tongue.

Cut 4:

I wasn’t… in to… hairy women. When I… met, Zoe. But she
brought me around on a lot of things.
(Doug Savant quickly looks down to avoid laughing.)

Cut 5:

I’m a leg man from way back. Patrica Cresante(?), when I was 13 years
old, first year a had hair down there, if you know what I talking

Cut 6:

I’m ambidextrous, which really came in handy right around 12-13. I’m
not a big guy, but I’m live. I’m wiry and I’ll surprise you. I could
take you.


Are you wearing a perfume?

Cut 8:

Are you close with women?

Finally Doug Savant cracks up laughing form Alan’s loaded questions.

Come on, man, you gotta give us a link or something. That’s just not fair.

Is that bit not in the gag reel on the DVD? I just got the DVD set last week and haven’t watched that part yet, but I downloaded the gag reel back when it was first available. Funny stuff.

Downloading it now. Thanks!

wtf, we got so shortchanged with the dvd gag reel, the downloaded one is a helluva lot better.

That bit with Fillion running around off camera to get in the same shot five or six times was hilarious, probably my favorite part. I don’t know how that got left out of the DVD version.

Apparently I missed a couple of Firefly episodes (in addition to the “never aired” eps) and didn’t know it. So this collection is extra cool. My wife and I are watching the whole series again, from the start. Every time we finish watching an episode, my wife says “This was a really good series,” and I say “yep.” Then she says “It was stupid for Fox to cancel it,” and I say “yep.”

It’s like a ritual now.

I’ve been watching through the DVD set, which is amazing. Out of the entire gag reel, this sceen is also my favorite. Makes me crack up every single time. I’m assuming they left it out of the DVD version because of the music they used, which was probably copyrighted or some such.

So here I am trying out Blockbuster’s beta netflix like service and I figure this is a good time to check out Firefly since everyone has been raving about it. Well I thoroughly enjoyed disc 1 and now I’m stuck waiting on the turnaround/mailing time for the other discs…aaaaaargh. Darn you USPS business class slowness!

This show does require time/interest investment to get into the show but it really pays off with an enjoyable entertainment experience. It was stupid of FOX not to show the pilot first since it sets up everything so well. The Train Job does an ok job but it doesn’t grab you and show the scope of the Firefly universe that Serenity does.

I can understand the pressures the broadcasters are facing (cable, internet) thus forcing them to go for instant ratings rather than developing shows but it’s a real pity. You’d think with Joss Whedon’s track record they would have brought Firefly along with a little more patience. Heck I would volunteer to watch a reasonable number of commercials if it would finance the continued production of Firefly. If they decided to stream the show over the internet and only made it available to people who sat through some short commercials and filled out a quick survey then I’d be right there clicking on the link.

Damn I can’t wait for disc 2, 3, and 4.

So hows the Blockbuster service? Any good?