Firefox update problems

Hullos! Hopefully The Knowledgeable Ones on this forum can help me out. Firefox just updated itself to and now I have two tricky problems.

The first is just mildly annoying. Whenever I start up Firefox, it starts in a minimized window and I have to maximize it; this is also true for any new windows that appear while I’m browsing. Also the download manager starts in a minimized state that doesn’t show as much, even the full download bar, until you extend it. Surely, it’s not the end of the world, but I’d like it back to normal. Any ideas on how to do this?

The second is rather disheartening. It seems to have problems recognizing all my search plugins. I tried several things, re-downloading them, in the usual Java-click-and-install way. Physically copying the src and picture file into the directory, bringing over all the old src and picture files back into the directory. Nothing works. It still remains just a page search and will not recognize anything else. In fact, not even the vanilla Google searchbar works. All my bookmarks, skins, magnifications (? those things you add like GetRight or Adblock that increase functionality) and settings are still in effect, so I’m not sure what’s up with this.

I have a feeling there might be a chance this is a problem with the Japanese version, as I can’t access the Japanese Mozilla site at all for the last two or three days. I can access the English page just fine. And yes, I already tried to find the answers elsewhere before coming here.

Any ideas?


There’s a plugin for developers to turn all your plugins compatible for the current (or beta 2.0) versions. I don’t have it anymore, but do a search for this in this forum. I got that plugin here.

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