Firefox 2 Beta 1

This sure doesn’t feel like a beta. Fast–noticeably faster than No bugs I’ve seen so far. Plugins run smoothly. This works for me :).

Does it block all the popups that firefox lets through nowadays?

Is it causing extension problems?

Oh, and I haven’t gotten popups in ages.

Well that’s just great! I must be imagining it then.

You must be! What sites are giving you popups? Maybe you have… gasp… spyware!

I didn’t have a lot of extra extensions, so I can’t tell you about that.

I do know that sites which used to spawn lots of popups in don’t do that anymore. I’m happy.

No, some sites have gotten around it. A notable one is the Movie Spoiler website. The pop ups only load on page transitions, so you actually have to click from one page to another to get them.

That’s why the ability of Ad block to selectively block javascript rocks so much.

Yeah, I get pop-ups from a comic site I check for reviews. Hope they fix that, at least for a little while until the ads come up with something new.

I don’t have spyware. The link above causes a popup if I click on a movie cover.

Nice to know. What are the big features in 2?

I’m going through the site and not getting any popups. I recommend everyone try Adblock and filterset.g; I figure these are the extensions I’m using which stop the popups.

I used Adblock for a bit and it wrecked more pages than it fixed. Ads in pages don’t bother me. It’s just popups and intellitxt. And greasemonkey has scripts to deal with intellitxt.

edit: Not to mention the crashing adblock introduces.

I haven’t noticed any crashing, really. What kind of page-wrecking are you talking about? Problems with page display seem to be caused by using FF instead of IE as far as I can tell, not with blocking ads. I don’t think adblock is blocking any ads it isn’t supposed to; I use IE a lot for work (which is all online) and that’s what my comparisons have shown. I’d say flashblock is more disruptive than adblock, but flashblock is still worth the extra occasional clicks.

Some of the pages I go to end up with screwy layouts post-adblock. But it was mostly the crashes that made me stop using it. I never had any firefox crashes until I started using adblock. When I disabled it, the crashes went away. I value stability over seeing a couple ads.

Can I see some examples of pages you know that get messed up by Adblock, please?

I’m not here to justify your faith in your addons. I don’t bookmark things that screw up, and I don’t have adblock. And I’m not going to install adblock and check all my sites simply to prove something to you. If you want to pretend I’m lying or something, go ahead, it really doesn’t mean anything to me one way or another.

Wow, this is a great version. The speed improvement is really really nice. No problems as of yet.

Chill out, dude. I just want to see what the errors look like, or maybe I do get errors and just don’t realize it. As it stands though, I certainly don’t get crashes. Your posts are pretty useless if you’re not going to substantiate anything.

Was I asking for people to solve a problem? Was I asking for advice? Was there any actual reason why I had to substantiate? I was simply listing my experiences based on the topic.

I’ve seen what Charles means, Mog, and though it didn’t bother me, I eventually ended up uninstalling Adblock, too.

Mainly because of the crashing. I was getting fairly frequent Firefox crashes so I started getting rid of the “big” extensions, one at a time, until the crashes stopped. Adblock with filterset .g updater seem to have been the culprits. Or some combination of Adblock with the other assortment of extensions I have going.

Oh, and in terms of the layout problems, or broken pages, I think it has to do with sites that basically plan and code their layouts around the ads, so when you take the ads away, things just look weird. At least that was my reasoning.

I’m tempted to download the Firefox Beta, but I’m a very heavy browser user and I usually don’t like to dink around this early in the development process. If people are really this impressed this early, I might just abandon my usual caution.

What features does 2.0 add?