Firefox 2 Beta 1

The feature to automatically google the terms “firefox 2”, “beta” and “features”. :-)

I’ve used Adblock, but not with the filterset. Because I want the non-obtrusive ads to show, so that sites like Qt3 get the ad revenue. I just want to block the flashing crap, popups, etc.

Tough crowd of sworn IE users in the house?

Listing experiences without any kind of details is meaningless. If someone “listed experiences” negatively that are contrary to your experience, you’d call them on it too.

tl; dr. So, the biggest new draw is speed?

In case someone besides me was looking for a link.

No I wouldn’t. I don’t pretend to think that since I didn’t experience something it couldn’t happen. That would make me like people like you.

Tools > Adblock > Whitelist this whole site

All filterset.g does is keep your adblock rules updated. If you use Adblock, you really should use Filterset.

Edit: just downloaded and installed FF2b1, and OMG the new renderer is super fast.

Would you stop being so adversarial? All I asked for was some clarification of the kind of problems FF supposedly has, and immediately you go into some super-defensive bullshit about being entitled to your own experiences. You haven’t mentioned even one site, just one, so that I could see what you’re talking about and go “Oh.” I didn’t say you’re full of shit; I just haven’t seen what you claim. There’s no reason to get your hackles up and start going “hurr I must have imagined it hurr!” Take your drama somewhere else.


“kind of problems FF supposedly has”

“I didn’t say you’re full of shit”

Oh. Well I guess we’re back to where we started. You choose not to believe that FF is at all fallible, while I just continue to use and enjoy it, despite the odd flaw.

That’s not my position at all. Nothing is infallible. But until something is proven or demonstrated, it is little more than alleged, or supposed. As a bug report, for example, your complaint fails horribly.

And yet, I was neither complaining nor filing a bug report. I was merely stating a few reasons why I don’t use adblock. I don’t need to prove my reasons, after all, my reasons don’t actually cause or prevent anyone from using adblock, nor are they meant to.

Then you shouldn’t be such a fucking asshole when someone posts evidence contrary to yours :).

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Ah, but why fight one anecdote with anything more than another anecdote? I assume your next post still won’t contain any examples of what you’re talking about either, and this amuses me. I haven’t even said you’re wrong; I just asked for an example.

Is it so hard to say:

‘I use this and it’s great’
“BS, I’ve had problems”
‘Really, what?’
“[/i]this[/i] for example”
‘Oh, never noticed that, thanks!’


I blame Tom and his anti-smiley stance ;-P

Mozilla here. And I can think of a few people who are big on Opera.

I’ve been becoming disenchanted with Firefox on my iBook. All of the 1.5 versions so far have had a weird hang bug; it’s often consuming 40%+ CPU even when doing relatively little (no strenuous Flash open); and it doesn’t seem to get along with Flash very well, often being extremely choppy and permanently stealing the mouse focus, requiring a Force Quit.

Safari works just fine, but I really would like to stick with Firefox for consistency, since I’m using it everywhere else. I’ll have to give this beta a try at least, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

So, lets just get this straight.

Because of an idle comment on why I don’t use adblock, you now expect me to go find and install adblock, and then go through all my bookmarks until I find a page it causes problems and/or crashes with?

Yeah, Firefox on the Mac seems really sluggish and actually makes my fiancee’s Powerbook G4 very pokey, but I’ve been forcing myself to use it because thanks to the joy of Google Browser Sync, I’ve got my history/bookmarks/cookies/form fields with me.

Safari is MUCH better, but I like the convenience of having sharing things (tabs included!) between systems. I’ll have to give Firefox 2 Beta a shot on OS X t see if it improves things.

Hopefully Google Browser Sync is one of the beta compatible extensions.