Firefox 3.6 Stealing Desktop Priority

After updating to Firefox 3.6, I noticed it keeps stealing desktop priority from some games I launch while FF is minimized. The game launches maximized, but then immediately minimizes. Maximizing it causes it to minimize immediately. If I maximize FF first, and then maximize the game, the game remains maximized. Has anyone else been experiencing this? If so, how did you fix it?

That’s html 5, baby! It’s a feature!

…I have no idea.

Have you ruled out add-ons?

Not yet. I’m going to disable them one by one to see if I can determine the culprit, if any. That’s what I first suspected, but had forgotten to check. I blame old(er) age!

Well, the addons aren’t the culprit. I believe it’s something unique to 3.6 that’s causing this issue, and it’s a PITA.

I’m not seeing this at all. Two gaming machines, both using 3.6. Is it possible you have a mouse binding or key binding that’s pulling up Firefox? Set IE as your default browser and see if it too pops up.

No, I don’t have any mouse or key bindings. The problem doesn’t occur when IE is set as the default and is minimized at the time the game is launched. Even when not the default, Firefox still causes the game to minimize upon launch while minimized. Tough nut to crack.

Didn’t where else to put this and I don’t know if this is a new feature or not, but I love the personas! And all you have to do it roll over them to see them, you don’t have to download and install them to see what they actually look like. I’ve been experimenting for an hour and I think I finally settled on this Assassin’s Creed 2 theme.