Firefox address box problem

I used to be able to put stuff like ‘amazon’ in the address box in Firefox, and it would try to resolve it as without me having to type all that. Well now Charter has superimposed it’s bullshit search engine on top of this, so now I see its Yahoo driven search results with all the bullshit ads. How can I get Firefox to be like it was? In my actual search box, Charter and Yahoo aren’t even in there.

This was one thing that made Firefox really attractive to me (I know it’s still good without this) and I’d really like to get rid of the Charter/Yahoo crap. Any help much appreciated!

I think that’s controlled by the keyword.url property in the about:config page. See if that’s been changed to use Yahoo, and try resetting it back to the default.

Is it even something Firefox could control? If Charter has modified their DNS to resolve the unresolvable to a Yahoo Search, then it’s happening all at the ISP.

Just install the Google toolbar, and I think it should make it “just work” again.