Firefox and Lightbeam

Have any of you played around with the new Firefox extension called Lightbeam (made by Mozilla)? It shows you which 3rd party sites are getting your information and/or tracking you when you surf around the web. It’s pretty entertaining to see which of your favorite sites are selling you out.

I bounced around to a few popular/common sites… biggest offenders that I’ve come across so far are and

Pretty entertaining! I don’t use Firefox as my usual browser, so I probably won’t continue this little experiment for long.

Here’s an article about Lightbeam:

You can install it here:

I installed it, but maybe I’m too new to Firefox, how do I actually use it? I didn’t see any mention on the add-in page that details how to actually GET to the visual graph. Is it supposed to be automatically popping up or something?

Is your add-on bar turned on? (ctrl-/) You should see the Lightbeam icon on the bottom right corner of your web browser.

What a great add-on. I tried it with Disconnect (an add-on that blocks many of these trackers) turned off and turned on, and what a difference.

I hate that shit, so I use DoNotTrackMe. Also available on Chrome.

‘Ghostery’ and ‘Better Privacy’ are also a handy extensions (FF) for this stuff.