Firefox bookmark help

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I cannot find something that does what I want.

I want to save a set of bookmarks and export those bookmarks, and only those. I’ve already got bookmarks set up in Firefox, so I don’t want to export the whole lot. I just want to save a bunch in a bookmark folder and send them to a friend.

I’m using Firefox 3, by the way. I suppose the easiest way is to copy-past them to IE, delete all the unnecessary IE bookmarks and then export the list, but an extension would be handy.

Export it as html, and copy/paste the block of 'em you actually want in one shot?

Thanks, Talisker. I’ll try that, then.

I was hoping for a way to just send him the bookmarks as an ‘import to Firefox’ file, but thank you regardless.

Addendum: Actually, that’s perfect. Didn’t know what it did, silly little me.