Firefox: extensions i would like

ok i alternate between avantbrowser and firefox now.

here’s what i want in firefox that avant has now:

edit: FOUND! alias’s: ex - type in “ny” in the address bar and get sent to the

edit: FOUND! - want them on the bottom of the browser, not the top
edit: FOUND! - double click a tab to make it close

  • when i type in “” in the address bar and when i hit shift-enter i want a new tab with google in there (alt-enter doesn’t work oddly…)

open groups: with the bookmarks, is there a way to make the open all links show up as the first option instead of last?

also: how do i make the search bar a little bit longer? nothing makes the address bar shorter.

if no such extensions exist, is there a forum or something i can request them?


don’t have time to read over the others now sorry.

Try alt-enter then.

TBE is probably the extension you want.


Try alt-enter then.

TBE is probably the extension you want.[/quote]


alt-enter does the standard “add .net domain to end of what you typed in”

looking over tbe now.

TBE is an awesome extension that I’ve been using for months. Made me a very happy FF user. Also, stroker, thanks for the keyword thing. I didn’t even know it was there. VERY nice. Where can one pick up other little tips like this?

Tabbrowser Preferences is like a “light” version of TBE (less bloat and doesn’t noticeably slow your browser the way TBE does) and it has an option to put the tab bar on the bottom.

As an aside, my understanding is that the Mozilla folks apparently aren’t terribly happy with the way that TBE hooks into the browser code. Ah, technology…

  • Alan

For bonus points you can actually give ARGUMENTS to the keywords, like for a custom search engine shortcut. F’rinstance, Dark Age of Camelot’s official web server has a player lookup feature, the URLs are of the form

My Mordred server player lookup is keyworded “mord”, the bookmarked url has a “%s” where the search text goes:

so when i type “mord strokerace” in the address bar it actually does a search where the %s in the URL is replaced by “strokerace”.

About alt+enter not opening new tabs, dunno what to tell you. It’s doing so for me, I’m using Firefox 1.0 on Win XP.

wait i screwed up. alt-enter still does nothing but shift-enter does the .net domain thing. i dunno why it doesn’t work either…

new extension i want: no new windows EVER. everything goes into tabs in one window.

going to try out the tab browser preferences…

TBE does this. Just set it to Single Window Mode. ;)

cool. although tbe did tell the extension that added an X to the tabs to go screw itself…

couldn’t get the tab bar to go to the bottom with the Tabbrowser Preferences mentioned above. how do you do it? (was using 1.1.1, got it off the default site of ‘tools > extensions > get more extensions’)

Tools > Options > Tabbed Browsing > Tabbrowser Extensions Configuration > Appearance > Tab Bar > Position of the Tab Bar (you can set it to the bottom here).

thanks! how about this: when i open a blank new tab the new tab has “undefined” in it and annoying firefox tries to go there. sometimes it goes to which is some sort of blog. is this junk from my other extensions?

Possible, but in TBE, go to General > New Tab and change the default page to the one you desire. I usually leave it blank.

cool, thanks! gonna try it out when i get home.

Also make sure you bind “undo closed tab” to something. It’s one of those awesome features that you never would have thought of.

Is there any way to make middle-click (i.e. scroll wheel click) default to ‘open in a new window’ instead of ‘open in a new tab’?


Very helpful, extarbags…I don’t see an option in TBE right now to open a new window on middle-button click, but you can right click and do the “open in new window” thing.

It won’t be in TBE. If it exists, it will be somewhere in the regular Firefox config (or in another extension, conceivably), but TBE only includes functionality for tabs.

That’s why I don’t know where that option is (as I haven’t used more than on browser window by choice in a few years now), despite being almost positive that it’s there somewhere.