Firefox Quantum?


I was a late convert to Chrome, using Firefox for years. Chrome seemed to never have the add-ons/plugins/extensions I liked, or if they did they were a pale imitation of the Firefox version. Plus, Google exerts an iron hand on some plugins; e.g. they deleted a plug in I had because it allowed Youtube downloads.

I have read some good things about the new Firefox Quantum and I’m going to give it a try. Anyone here try it yet?


It’s great except for one thing that made me go back to chrome, Lastpass’ plugin does not have the option to copy a password or username for a site. Instead you have to edit the entry, show password, select all and ctrl + c. Since I use lastpass for a lot of things that aren’t auto-fill applicable (like non-web apps) this was a major enough pain to make me go back.

I don’t know if this is Lastpass or Firefox’s fault, but I don’t really care I just want it to work. If it wasn’t for this issue I’d still be using it.


So far I’m very pleased. I haven’t had to think about my browser in weeks, which is what I want from a browser.


Yeah, it fucked up LastPass and Lazarus Form Recovery for me, so I’m off the opinion that it sucks donkey balls.


The plain vanilla quantum is a pretty great standalone browser. I really like the speed of it. It’s almost enough to make me switch permenantly.

Too bad it broke most of the plugins.


To be fair, the old system broke the add-ons pretty much every time they updated the browser. One last big break to fix the years of broken add-ons is their rationale, I’d guess.


The addons I personally cared about always worked.

Unfortunately mousegestures are broken in both MacOS and Linux on Firefox so I switched to Vivaldi after like 15 years of loyalty to Firefox. All you johnny-come-latelies are flocking to it at the same time they forced me away.


I’m willing to accept that for pre-Quantum plugins vs post-quantum plugins because I understand the reason they changed and they had to do a hard change (that was warned for years).

My problem is the Chrome vs Firefox plugin comparison.


Hmmm. I use LastPass a lot. What exactly is broken? When I open a website in Quantum I see the LastPass app filling in the username and password?


Compared to:


Ah, OK, no copy pw option there, have to go to edit and copy the PW.


The one thing that I can’t figure out in Chrome is how to D/L videos from YouTube, I know why Google blocks that, but it’s a PIA.


Yeah exactly. If LP can get that added back in I’ll switch back to Firefox, but I use that button too much to switch atm :(


I’m not sure exactly WHY I would switch back to Firefox other than the ability to have extensions that let me download videos from YouTube. Speed isn’t really a big issue for me with Chrome; I don’t sit and say wow, this sure is slow. I do like the idea of Google getting some competition again, and right now the reviews I’m reading are saying Quantum is faster and has some nice features.

Installing was easy; I did a refresh to delete all the addons from my old Firefox install, and deleted all bookmarks. I then imported my Chrome bookmarks and bookmark bar bookmarks using the import wizard.


Apparently I’m wrong and redownloading the Lastpass windows app fixed the Firefox version of the plugin.

Guess I"ll give firefox another go.

One of the main reasons I really liked having Quantum instead of chrome is the ctrl+tab setting. Firefox has the ability for me to use ctrl+tab to go through recent tabs (instead of Chrome which always rotates between tabs). It makes it immensely easier for me to go back and forth between two tabs.


I’m a long-time Firefox user because of NoScript, which was briefly broken in Quantum but is now back in action.

It does feel significantly faster in ordinary browsing than the previous Firefox, with or without Noscript.


Any measurements yet on how Quantum affects battery life compared to Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop? That’s the main reason I’d move away from Chrome


I might be missing something: I added the FF Lastpass app this morning and it displayed the issue you were explaining. How is it now fixed?


Download the Windows (non-browser) installer ( That will fix it. Copy/Paste might need the actual background binary application for support.


As usual you can test how much faster it is, or is not, at

Spoiler alert, it is much faster than old Firefox but not quite at Chrome levels quite yet. Very solid progress though!