Firefox Quantum?


Interesting; so far every review I’ve read said it’s faster.

I think I’m going to set it up with extensions and use it for a while and see what I think.


I will say this: for some reason Facebook seems a LOT quicker in Quantum.


Oh, I’d forgotten how much I like FF’s automatic “open with” option when downloading something!


The old Firefox was getting pretty slow. Quantum is a lot better.


The UI for NoScript has changed substantially. Have you worked out what needs to be clicked to (a) permanently allow a particular domain, or (b) temporarily allow the same thing?


To permanently allow, it’s the second button over on the list of domains. If you permanently allow, there’s a little clock icon which shows up next to ‘trusted’, which you can use to set permissions to temporary.

Theoretically. As far as I can tell they’re still working through some bugs.


Thanks. I’m not at my PC at the moment but from memory if I click the second button and reload the page the setting doesn’t ‘stick’ (which suggests it’s neither permanent or temporary). Maybe that’s one of the bugs…

Oddly, if I click the green/red padlock button (which I think the tooltip implies is http/https related) then I can get the setting to stick (effectively getting the same functionality as permanently allowing a domain under the old system). Weird.


There are some domains which weren’t working, but others which would. The ‘temporarily allow all this page’ button in the top right works without issue, so there is at least a way around it until they fix it.


Yep, the ‘temporarily allow all’ button appears to be the simplest option at the moment.



Hey guys, one thing I’ve wondered about is what this “Pocket” thing is in Firefox. Do I only get to see what’s in the pocket once I’ve put something in it?

Also, is there any good substitute for tab groups anymore?


I decided to try using Quantum for a week or two exclusively just to give it a fair trial, and after only a couple of days I’m thinking I may not go back to Chrome. Much of it is just the little things, like the built in capability to ask you when you click on a link if you want to save the file or open it, with a drop down list of programs to open it with, I like having the ability to download YouTube videos without Google disabling the extension. It does “feel” quick particularly on some sites that for some reason feel sluggish on Chrome. Just a lot of “little” things for me.


Today is the first I’ve seen the new noscript UI. Ugh. Needlessly bigger. No obvious individual temporary permission - I rarely want to give blanket temporary permission to 40 ad and tracking domains just because one is blocking something I want to run.

The fine-grained options might be OK, if I understood the implications of checking some of the boxes and not others.


That’s the problem with noscript, there’s so much page damage that you need to fine-tune every new site you visit.

I find ublock origin with 3rd party scripts blocked by default to be sufficient security while minimizing (but still not eliminating) page damage.


Click on the wee clock icon when setting a script source to trusted:



I get some really wonky page renders using ublock origin. Am I doing something wrong?


Mouse gestures work on linux/MacOS as of Fx58b7 with an about:config flag, so I switched back. Still not perfect but usable.

If you have ublock in medium mode, blocking 3rd party iframes and scripts, you will get some page damage and need to selectively enable scripts for many pages to work properly. That’s the best way to do it if you can stand the micromanagement and how I use it myself.

If you aren’t in medium mode page damage should be very rare-- you probably have weird/broken blocklists enabled.


I have been having issues with noscript since the upgrade: even allowing some 100% some sites, it still is interferring with stuff while claiming it isn’ -mainly, a lot of search boxes not working. I tried to dig in to see what setting could trigger it, but even disabling almost all of its options and allowing everything, I still couldn’t get it to work. It was pretty absurd to have something causing so much trouble while being almost disabled, that I just did the stusserible thing and stopped using it in favour of ublock origins.


I strongly believe uBlock origin in medium mode is the right compromise between page damage and privacy/security.


Yeah, noscript is super janky now. Terribly confusing UI and doesn’t seem to remember preferences for some sites.


Anyone else have a Firefox update that trashed their settings and addons/plugins?