Firefox Send


Free (as far as I can tell) file sending service from Firefox. Pretty useful service for them to provide. There’s even a command line thing for it over here: if that’s a thing you want to do.


Send how and to where? Is this all done through email?


It allows you to securely upload files and send the link to other users to download them directly from FireFox’s servers. They are secured by client based decryption keys in the url (in a URL hash so the server never sees them), can be made to expire after a certain number of downloads or time (although I’ve heard a stopped download mid-stream counts), and you can also add extra security of an out of band password.

It also seems to be open source ( so people can deploy their own instance of it.


Thanks. I thought this was somehow related to Mozilla, who are not a file host. Hence, “sending” via email made more sense.


Mozilla funded development and is funding hosting of it (so we can use it for free if you don’t want to host it yourself).