FireFox v.2.0 sucks big green donkey dicks

Wheee the tabs don’t work, bookmarks keep dropping off, half my extensions are dead, the cursor keeps disappearing.

Back to 1.5.07.


It ate all my toolbar bookmarks (there were in the bookmarks folder but wouldn’t show up) and anything I opened up in other tabs refused to actually load.

no problems here. it gets a hundred miles per gallon too!

Works great with Vista RC2!

I see my time window, then.

That is one of the annoying things about Firefox.

Every new fucking version of the browser-- including the inevitable .0.1, .0.2, .0.3 bugfixes-- breaks some extensions. And extensions it doesn’t break, are broken in the next bugfix version.

I started out with 3 or 4 extensions, then over time just gave up on unbreaking them by manually downloading new versions (if the author even made new versions available). And these were popular extensions, like adblock, Aardvark, X-Ray, etcetera. Who needs the hassle?

For a product which is (correctly) lauded largely based on all the extensions, they sure do a piss-poor job of maintaining compatibility extension from release to release.

Hmm. Fx 2.0 only dropped three of my extensions, two of which I don’t seem to need or use (resize search bar, since it’s nice and stretched now, and another which…even though I just uninstalled it I can’t remember what it was! Ah…right…searchenginehack or something that allowed me to remove search engines from the search bar, which I can do now without it). The third was the recently installed Tab Mix Plus, which should have an update this week or next, according to the creator, and I actually have found useful.

Otherwise, Fx 2.0 upgraded just fine, everything seems to work okay, etc, etc. Except for the noticeable spell-checker in these forum boxes, I don’t actually notice much of a difference so far. I think the biggest cosmetic change was the “Add-ons” replacing the Extension/Theme menu items, hiding them in another window.

shrug I’m happy I guess. It’s just like getting any other Fx upgrade.

Works great here. I love the integrated form/text dialogue spell check. If you’ve got strong feelings for extensions, it’s usually a smart idea to avoid upgrading on the day of release. They’ll all be patched in a couple of weeks.

I only use three extensions: bugmenot, download statusbar, and IETab. Those all work fine. Beyond that, everything in 2.0 seems fine. It’s got the session restore thing and the spell check, both of which are really nice. Like Matt said, works great in Vista.

Use Internet Explorer.

The thing I don’t like about 2.0 is that some extensions that used to be optional before have now been integrated into the core program. That’s great for the ones that work / are useful, but one in particular really annoys me - the “close tab” icon appearing next to each tab, rather than over at the right. Dammit, I hate that - it’s much harder to hunt for the little “x” when it’s in a different position depending on which tab you’re reading. I tried and uninstalled the old extension because I hated it, but no - now I have to live with the damn thing. I know I can just hit CTRL+W but gosh darn it I liked the old method.

Isn’t it counter to the whole Firefox approach to incorporate extensions into the core program? Surely it would be better to keep the core program slim and build on making it easier to find and install extensions and keep them all compatible? I don’t mind installing “suggested” extensions with future updates, but at least give us the option to turn them off.

On the plus side, I like the little pulldown list of all your open tabs - when you have 30 odd open like I do, it’s a much better way of navigating them. But yeah, so far I think I’ll prefer 1.5 with the appropriate extensions.

I fucking love the new version. It’s actually faster than Opera now, both in terms of page rendering and in terms of starting up. This hasn’t been true for any version of Firefox to date, and for that reason I’ve been a dedicated Opera user until this version came out. Yes, the upgrade drops some extensions (until those extensions are upgraded), and can be slightly troublesome with bookmarks (hint: export your bookmarks before upgrading and then import them afterwards), but that isn’t a problem with the version, just the upgrade process.

The only upgrade I lost that I really like was Fasterfox, which may not even be necessary any more. That, and Session Manager (but I’m sure there will be a new version soon enough). So far, though, this new version ROCKS. Once again, the rendering system is excellent!

I did until malware crashed my PC.

Mozilla 1.7 FTW.

You keep saying that, hoping to get a reaction.

If I download FF 2.0, what extensions do I need to grab to make it like IE7? I’m very unhappy with IE7’s internet performance.

Probably only Showcase which shows you all the tabs in one window.

Download it, try it. It’s not a life choice, and it’s still a browser. You’ll figure it out.

I think you can turn off the dynamic antiphishing mechanism which is allegedly responsible for most of this.

Kalle? You take this one.