Fireteam did it first!

After hearing someone on these boards (I forget who) repeatedly shout out the praises of the pioneering online combat game FIRETEAM that I never heard of or played at the time, I’m curious – if I were to somehow find a used copy for sale is it still possible to play the game, or is this one of those Email X-Com type things that are dead forever?

If it’s still playable, any non-ebay tips toward tracking down a copy would be of interest. Thank you!

It’s dead. Too bad, too–it was a lot of fun.

Aw, shucks… Thanks for the info. The screenshots on Games Domain looked pretty cool… Like a realtime Fallout or X-Com type combat.

I think there was an earlier thread here where Fireteam was discussed.

I played in the beta. It was a pretty fun game, more like a predecessor to UT2003’s Bombing Run than Xcom. The addition of voice communications was the big selling point.

Here’s the thread.

Heh heh… I’ve got a copy on my desk.

I remember seeing it at E3 many years ago and thinking “wow cool… you can play with other humans! Too bad the game sucks.”

This was a Cryo Networks game, and one of the reasons Cryo went bankrupt (and had the development assets subsequently purchased by us).

Actually, it was originally a Multitude game. Multitude was started by Ned Lerner and a couple other old school Looking Glass employees around early 1996 or late 1995, somewhere in that time frame. They managed to fool some investors into thinking that MMPs were a fad and the future was games like Fireteam. Multiple seven figures worth of foolin’, I understand.

After spending all the money to acquire less than 5,000 subscribers, they changed themselves to a tool company in 1998 and tried to sell the chat functions as FireTalk (and issued a number of press release that tried to spin it as something they intended all along, the game was just a test bed, you know?). During that process, they tried to sell the game to everyone and his grandma, but the only takers were Cryo.

Well I won’t ramble on about [color=darkred]FIRETEAM[/color] as it is all probably in the thread Supertanker linked to, but it was innovative and great fun. I still get choked up when I see that shiny blue and silver box on my bookshelf. Between the packaging, a decent amount of pre-release advertising, and the included headset, its no wonder they blew their collective wad so quickly. One thing, even though the subscription numbers were low, there was never a shortage of players throughout the Beta and post-release. The fun of a shooter but at a speed for us slow witted, easily nauseated gamers. :cry: :cry:

Yeah, I’m surprised to see people saying “the game sucked.” The netcode was not very good, IIRC, but the actual game concept was pretty decent. I didn’t like the football variant, but the DM and base-defense games were fun, very rewarding of good teamwork, and required you to think a few seconds ahead to do well (e.g., hitting the medpatch key at the right time). I was really bummed when it tanked, but chalked it up to their Net-only sales policy.

Irrational’s first project was supposed to be a single player version of FireTeam. However, the investors canned it three weeks in as Fireteam had such a good E3 in 97 that they felt that Multiplayer was where it was at. Fortunately for us, that left us open to do Shock 2.

Harvey Smith (Deus Ex) and Rob Fermier (co-founder of Irrational) worked on the game, too.

Fireteam was new in a lot of ways: Direct to consumer (no retail box), mplayer only, no demo, voice communication. Think that was too much new for one product.


May sound cliched, but I really think it was ahead of it’s time.

I was having sound issues and was discussing it with Tech support in the tech room at midnight one time. The guy said hold on, looked up my home phine, and called me long distance. Of course with only 5,000 subscribers, I guess they could get around to calling all of us personally eventually.

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Well he helped me with my sound problem, so as far as I’m concerned it was a fair trade.

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