Firewall Fun... not

I’m trying out Overnet but I keep on getting ‘firewalled’ messages. I downloaded Port Detective and it told me that all of my ports were firewalled even after I disabled XP’s firewall and zonealarm. I use an ADSL modem, not a router, so I’m at my limit as to what to do next. I called my ISP and they said that they only block a few ports like 80 etc.
Does anyone have any ideas or know of any programs to use?

Some DSL modems have built in routers. My ISP has started shipping their new DSL modems with routing funtionality turned on, because it does make the system on the end more secure.

What model DSL modem do you have?

I have a Dlink DSL-302G. After searching everywhere on the Australian and US sites I can’t find any mention of it having a built in firewall.

I’ll trust your google-fu, but also point out that the router features of the DSL modems they’re using aren’t well documented either. One way you probably could tell is by checking to see what your IP address is. Is it in one of the non-internet-routable blocks? 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x or 172.16.x.x?

Well, then your DSL modem is doing some routing, and thats why Overnet is telling your you’ve got firewalled ports. It looks like that DSL modem allows you to have ethernet and USB plugged in at the same time, and to do that you need to do some sort of routing.

A quick scan of the DLink site shows some configuration utilities for that modem, so perhaps one of those might be able to “turn that off” or let you specify some ports to forward. Perhaps you can browse to a web interface on it and do it that way too.

Is this an awesome hardware forum or what? Where else are you going to get this kind of straight dope, I ask you? Between Loyd, Denny, Xpav and the others, there is no question too tough.

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Still no joy- guess I’ll have to live with the fact that downloading a movie will take 14 days. :(
Thanks for your time though, Alex.

I’ve got a similar issue. My net access is via a fiber-optic line provided by my apartment complex. I tried to use Overnet and eMule and tons of other torrent apps, but something I don’t think I can affect on the back-end makes downloading something a two week ordeal…I’m always firewalled, despite my admittedly feeble attempts at addressing it.

Your apartment complex is probably doing its own routing, and there’s probably no way to get them to change that.

It does screw with some games too.