Saw it this morning at 9 am. Woo, thank heavens for work morale events. I can’t remember the last time I had a bag of popcorn and a coke before noon.

It’s a good movie, but there were some technological groaners, one MacGyver plot point in particular. For the most part, it kept me on the edge of my seat, and I just overlooked the techy bits that didn’t make any sense. I am not sure Harrison Ford is a great actor, or even a good one, but I really like him. It’s probably nostalgia for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but he really plays this Good Man on the Edge part well.

Oh, points off for a reallly stupid name for a movie. I wonder how they came up with Firewall.

It was that or Anti-Virus! I agree it’s a pretty silly name for a movie.

PS: Snakes on a Plane!

This is currently getting 24% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’ve already seen this movie 12 times. Ford is turning career inertia into an art form.

The film’s original title was The Wrong Element.

Was it going to be about stoves?

I think they should have called it Snakes on a Plane. There were no snakes or planes, but there were no firewalls either. I am glad someone pulled the plug on “The Wrong Element,” but it’s just as bad as Firewall.

I agree that this is a Harrision Ford vehicle. But he does this sort of crap really well, so I don’t mind. Speaking of playin the same part over and over: they have the annoying scowly chick from 24 in this. She basically plays the same part in both.

This was filmed in Seattle. There was a lot of product placement crap. I saw an Ipod, and a lot of shots of Microsoft software, including XP, Office applications, and groovy network meltdown with MOM tossing error messages across the screen.

I get it…

It’s set in Seattle but it was filmed in Vancouver.

The wags at Television Without Pity actually came up with a great name for this situation. Seacouver, a mythical city that has the exterior shots of Seattle with the downtown and landmark settings of Vancouver. Too many TV shows and movies get the Seacouver treatment, cause they want the “hipness” of Seattle, but the “cheapness” of the Canadian dollar.

Never heard of Seacouver, but while we are at we might as well coin terms for Kancouver (Smallville’s Kansas) and a bunch of others I am too lazy to reiterate over. I swear everytime we watch a new show I have to listen to my gf say “that’s Vancouver!”