Firewire Question/Problem

I recently received a Pyro A/V Link, an analog to DV video converter, for my (Windows) PC. I ran into a problem with the device not displaying any images from whatever sources I tried (PSX, PS2, VCR, etc.). It hooks up to my PC via firewire, and it is actually recognized as a capturing device when turned on. I thought the unit was defective until I tried to plug in my ipod nano through either of my firewire ports and had the ipod recognize that it was hooked up, and begin charging, but my computer didn’t register a device as being connected.

Up until recently I’ve never used firewire, but since the Pyro has no USB option, it’s either figure this out or send it back in. I’ve checked a few places for already, but most lead to MS support links that are no longer available. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What software are you using to capture your source?

So far I have tried Windows Movie Maker, though its prone to crash the second I look at it wrong, Ulead DVD MovieFactory, Adobe Premier (demo), WM Cap, as well as the Windows utility that appears when double clicking on the input device’s icon in My Computer.

Windows XP SP2 and above treat firewire like a basic network protocol and defaults to setting it up firewalled. I’m not sure if this is your problem but try turning the firewall off for the firewire connection and see if that helps.

Using the same device I have tried both WinDV (freeware):

and Scenalyzer Live (sharware, but you can try the demo):

Both should work well with the your Pyro.

My Pyro came with Adobe Premiere Elements, and I found it buggy and not very user friendly. In all programs though, you need to press the ‘Play’ or ‘Record’ button to see the source, otherwise you will just get a black screen. At one point I tried ULead and it did’t work at all.

Hope that helps.

For simplicity, ease of use and it’s “freeness” I would recommend WinDV; although it doesn’t have a start/stop timer.

It turns out that I actually had my firewall off at the time. I also used WinDV, but I forgot to mention it. I went through a bunch of programs. I’ve read that ipods have connection problems without any rhyme or reason, so I guess I have a bad combination of that and a bum Pyro unit. Rats.

Thanks for the help, folks!