Firing Line #10

Aside from the throw away analogy with penises alienating the female readers…

Does anyone here think that Rober Jordan has lost his chance at Fantasy Writing greatness by dragging his Wheel of Time series on for so long? I think the general concensus on these books is apathy now. A few more books and it will turn to hatred.

I was such a big fan of the series back when I thought it was going to be a trilogy. Since then, I’ve graduated from high school, graduated from college, gotten a Master’s degree, worked for six years, and completely lost interest in the Wheel of Time.

It was teh suq from book 1.

A bunch of goddam stupid characters who would rather let millions die than admit either that they might ever like one another or that they might ever have been wrong about anything. These evil narcissistic dweebs make Stephen Donaldson characters look like self-actualized masters of their own destiny.

And speaking of Mr. Donaldson, I read in a fairly recent interview that he’s seriously considering a 3rd Covenant trilogy. Leprosy from beyond the grave! 8)

Ha! I always hated those Donaldson books. From what I hear, the most recent WOT book is getting like 1/2 star reviews from disgusted readers on Amazon. A buddy of mine runs a WOT MUD, so he hears all the groaning. It sounds like the latest book only covers about 3 days with a bunch of new characters trudging through the wilderness. It seems pretty universally loathed.

I really liked the books, up through maybe the fifth or sixth one. After that, they really start to sag hard.

Jordan needs to get the story done. The Wheel of Time series has become the Might and Magic franchise of the literary world.

I suspect there’s a good reason behind the conventional wisdom that “you should quit while you’re ahead”.

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Hey, give us more info on this! References, something! This would really make my year…

hah. i went and read some of the reviews on amazon. i think i quit reading after book 6 or 7, and it looks like the series has just gone to total boring shit.

my current solution: abridged audio books for all potentially sucky, boring volumes. normally, i don’t like abridged books, but it doesn’t sound like you would miss much by chopping out 75% of the words.