First Blu-ray drive for PCs won't play Bluray movies,39029405,40091720,00.htm

Title really says it all, but the article is worth a chuckle too. This is how you botch a media launch.


Um, why? And also…no, I guess all I need to say is “Why?”.

I can’t think of a better way to pay $800 for a paper weight. Good job Sony!

DRM, of course.

The article isn’t entirely clear on this, but it sounds like the problem isn’t really with the drive itself but just that other pieces are missing (HDCP in video cards, licensed player software). Once those are supplied, this drive might be able to play commercial movies after all.

(In fact, the article is outright wrong on some points; AACS is the on-disc encryption, not HDCP.)

Sure. My “Why?” is more about why they would bother sending it out to the little masses when they are admitting there’s all these issues and/or reasons it won’t do all the stuff people usually would want a drive to do. Seems they’d be better off just not making themselves out to be fools (or are they trying to prove that there are a lot of fools in the realm of consumers…or perhaps people with money to burn for the latest gadgets).

Why? Because they anticipate people buying it, no matter how crippled it is.

I bought a desk lamp with a EULA at K-Mart. I didn’t read it, but I would not be surprised to discover that as far as the mfr. is concerned, they still own the lamp.

I am appalled that you would even think of taking a jab at lamp piracy protection on this forum, Rob, and I shall send an e-mail to the administrators presently.

At that price they’re not exactly selling it to the masses. Perhaps they feel that some would like the large storage capacity for data needs - makes sorta sense, especially if the movie playback thing can be fixed with a software player and a firmware update.
I know MSI is putting out their first GFX card with HDMI right about now, but that’ll probably be expensive too.

But yeah, it seems premature. But Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, BenQ and some others I can’t remember all have internal Blu-Ray drives coming out… I guess they must have the same issues. So perhaps Sony just didn’t want to leave the market (however small) for the first gen, Blu-Ray drives to them?

Exactly. To be fair, this drive we’re talking about is a Blu-Ray burner and at this price point movies aren’t going to be a major consideration for the people buying it. It’s be pretty silly to sell a BD-ROM only drive if movies didn’t work and given there is no software available on BR discs. But who cares about movies if what you’re looking for is a way of backing up large amounts of data to an optical format?

That’s why I used the phrase “little masses” to describe their target group. Guess I should have stuck with traditional terms like “niche”. ;)

Still, I don’t see it as being worth the cost for doing backups and distributing home movies (which would likely be two different niche groups). I suppose I can see Sony wanting to be at the forefront of the market rather than wait.

No matter. I doubt I’ll be caring about any of the new DVD formats for a long while.

The blanks are many times as expensive per gigabyte as a harddrive,
so Bluh-Ray isn’t very useful for storage, either.

Ah, but what if you have to take the information into a fortress made of powerful electromagnets to satisfy the whim of a deranged millionaire, and you are only allowed to store it on a single physical item?

Well, for mission critical stuff you might see benefit in diversifying your back up options beyond mechanical-magnetic. Is your office building hardened against an EMP pulse?


But we are totally fucking ready for an orbital death ray.