First Date?

This isn’t a poll, but I’m curious to hear what kinds of “first dates” people here have had. I’d like the answers to be limited to a partner who stuck around awhile, even such as your current spouse, and any kinds of cool or funny stories or things that went on.

I wanted to get closer to a girl I knew on a MOO I played in college, but I was having a hard time getting things off the ground, so I created a female character on the same MOO, and this character had much better luck getting to know the girl in question. We ended up getting married two years later and we just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this week. :)

I’d already been great friends with her for years; not really sure when we started “dating” vs. “hanging out”. We ended up getting barried and haven’t had an anniversary yet (October).

No computers or gaming involved, really, except for maybe helping her with an Excel spreadsheet or sending an email attachment or something. (I have since gotten her to play Animal Crossing, Eternal Darkness, Super Monkey Ball, and Fatal Frame, however – will make a gamer out of her yet :twisted: )

I met my wife at a bar on 50 cent beer College disco night at 1:00a. In my haze, I made it home and wrote down her first name, where she worked, and the next day she worked. (Rebecca, Lerner, Saturday.) Then I passed out.

The next week we met up again at the same bar. The next night we went on our first real date. I figured she like to dance so I took her to this horrible meat-market dance club after a wonderful dinner at Applebee’s at the mall at which she worked.

It’s amazing that she went out with me again, but, after that date, we saw each other almost every day for a year and a half or so before getting married. Just celebrated our 9th anniversary too!!! June 8th and recently found out a second kid is on the way. I guess if it is meant to be, its just meant to be.

I knew this girl basically all my life, our parents were friends of each other and one day when we were together (she was a year older than me and thus talked, walked and crawled before I did) she taught me how to crawl. So we were good friends too.

When I was six and she was seven, I asked her on a date to get some fast food. I even wore a suit and she wore a fancy dress! I used almost my entire allowance for the 852 yen bill and she drew a heart on my cheek with ketchup and kissed it!

Even today when I think about her I get all gooey inside! ^_^


My cousin was going to college in Buffalo, NY. He was at a bar with some of his frat brothers when he saw a girl he thought was cute. After exchanging looks with the girl for a bit, his frat brothers taunted him and dared him to give her a kiss. With plenty of liquid courage in his belly, he accepted and walked right up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. As soon as she turned around, he gave her a big kiss. They stayed that way for quite a long while until the bartenders hosed them down. They’re married now and live in Westchester with their 3 year old son.

Just celebrated our 9th anniversary too!!! June 8th

Lucky for me, we happend to get married on Flag day and I actually noticed. I’m not great with numbers, so it would be terribly hard for me to remember June 14, but Flag day sticks in my head.

and recently found out a second kid is on the way.

Woo! Congratulations.

This one guy took me on a date to Pick-n-pull, a junk yard with a $1 admission fee. Oh, you said partners that stuck around

Sarah still tells people about our first date (if they ask) - that I was smart enough to take her to a bookstore for dinner. (An indy new/used bookstore cafe, but a B&N is easier to find.)

That’ll be eleven years in September. Not married, we just own a house together. :D

But then that’s when she was a starving grad student and couldn’t turn down a meal, even from a guy who her friends warned her about. :twisted:

Lets see, last girl I dated We took e together and she wound up riding me in the morning. Girl before that involved the cowboy bebop movie, the one before that on aim.

I met her at a Prodigy concert, a few days later we met up, she wanted to see an art exhibition, no probs i thought and went along.

I was a little suprised though once we got in, as i just experienced the art of Robert Mabblethorp for the first time. So basically, lots of photo’s of big erect penis’s, nekkid men galore and even stuff like “knuckling” (dont ask). I did quite well i think, and came across sophisticated and open minded, inside i was WTF WTF OMG OMFG WTF though.

We then went to The End, a pretty cool D&B/Techno club , followed by back to hers for 2 days of speed and ecstasy fuelled sex. We stayed together for years, which is fairly surprising considering the casual nature of our first few days.

She asked me to be her date for the high school homecoming dance…as chaperones.

It was her first job teaching, and it happened to be in the high school where my mom taught English. We’d graduated from the same college, the same year, and had never met. Then I went to visit Mom one day, she introduced me to this new teacher friend of hers, and I was smitten. But we were both attached.

A year later we weren’t anymore and she asked me to chaperone the homecoming dance with her. I took the train from NYC to Williamsburg, VA for the date. We’ve been together ever since: eleven and a half years…married for four.

“It’s a date. It’s a scam…whatever.”


The first real date my wife and I had was watching the MST3K version of Manos: The Hands Of Fate on a tv in the back room of her clothing store. Sort of a trial-by-fire, if you will.

I had been friends with this one girl for about two years in college but I had never really considered any romantic possibilities. I sort of thought she was basically a nice airhead and she thought I was basically a nice dork.

One day I got REALLY mad at a mutual friend of ours and I really started talking to her about the situation and realized that she was pretty much the best listener in the entire world. So then I decided to trick her into going on a date with me because I knew she wouldn’t go if I just said “hey will you go on a date with me?”

What I did was tell her that we should go out some time “just as friends.” So we arranged to go get dinner at Ground Round and see Jurassic Park at the second run theater. But I brought her flowers and proceeded to “put the moves on” which meant “extremely hamfisted flirting.”

When we got back to the dorm I confessed in the most pathetic and juvenile way possible something to the effect of “I really like you.” This made her extremely uncomfortable and eventually she was forced to say that she only wanted to be friends. But I was not about to give up so I just kept hassling her until she agreed to go out with me.

Oh yeah, then we got married and had two kids the end.


Its been so long I’ve forgotten. We probably went for a walk in the park and fed the ducks while I bullshitted her about my plans for the future. That would have been about right…

I tried to get my wife to watch Manos a few months ago. She got through about 2 minutes.


1st date with my now, wife, was just Thai food, home made smoothies and smoochin’.

The 2nd date though, we went roller blading. She had little to no experience. Everything was fine for an hour, but on the home stretch of our last loop, she lost it on a small hill. I reached to grab her from falling but we both took a major dive across the pavement.

We both still have barely visible scars on our elbows, and she’s told me that it was a result of scarring her for life that I had to marry her.

We had a class together in college. We’d chat a little before the class started, share notes, stuff like that. Last day of the class I realized I’d be an idiot to not see her anymore so I asked her to go skiing with a group of friends. She was a great skier and I was hoprrible, so she ended up hanging out with one of my friends the whoel day. They seemed to have hit it off so I gave up, then she called the next day and asked me out. 8 months later we got engaged.

Best movie ever.


Early on, I used my anniversary as a password. Not too bright now that I think about it, but 5 or 6 years ago that was good enough to permanently sear it into my brain.

What was it like when she found out you weren’t a chick?
Or, hey… waitaminnit… you did tell her at some point…? Didn’t you?