First Daughter, Special Advisor to the President, Ivanka Trump


The fact that the kid is supposedly playing with toys, and yet is wearing a suit.


It was after 6PM, @Timex. What do you think he is: a farmer?



Maybe she really hates her fucking nephew.

More people should have the courage to tell everyone they hate babies.



Thankfully I wasn’t mid-drink reading this.
But, really: Kittens=puppies>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>human babies.
#Just sayin’.


As some pointed out in the comments to Norm Wilner, it could mean that this was the only part of the day she could believe actually happened. Like, “Dad said what at the UN?!”

But yes, she apparently thinks it means ‘overall’ or something.


I mean I do tell people I hate babies with pretty startling regularity.


Babies are pretty cute when they are asleep. Which is never if you are their parent.


That is not true, they fall asleep right before you need to go someplace.


The Trumps are a waste of air.


Good thread.



I guess she and her lawyers weren’t paying attention when the Supreme Court ruled on Clinton V Jones.


My question is, how is she a “high ranking government official?”


Not least because her actual position is supposedly as a volunteer, to get around the nepotism law.



I would wager HIGH odds that for all of them, it’s the default email for their mobile device, and that they don’t know it should have been changed, or worse, they allow non-controlled devices to pull email from their .gov accounts.

So they get the email on a second account, but replies go out on gmail or similar.


Oh boy.

Single anonymous source for those last two, so take it with a pinch of salt, but not a good look.


More fake news! None of this shit matters. There could be multiple videos of Trump handing bags of cash to politicians and police chiefs and it’d be blamed on Muslims and Democrats.


This is how Trump is breaking media. They don’t blame everything on some third party. They just deny it. They say it didn’t happen, even though there’s evidence it did. Or they just admit it and dismiss it. And it works.