First Descendants?

Yeaaah. I was looking at the “Meet ____” videos on Steam and the one for the water-themed warframe (whatever) just had me cringing. She inflicts enemies with a debuff called Laundry? And her big ability is the Laundry Bomb? Just… what? Why? I mean, sure, water is used in laundry but water is used in nearly everything so why choose that?

I mean, it’s not even fun/silly and just doesn’t fit the vibe of the art style or other characters. Just so dumb it was offputting. Why would laundry be a debuff? Ugh!

I still might try this (it’s free, so why not) but the real killer for me was watching an IGN video where it felt like the enemies were mostly ignoring the player, like @TurinTur was saying.

I picked this up a few days ago, and while the female characters are hilariously cheesecake, and the game has a very Asian feel in terms of narrative, the core gameplay itself? Quite good.

Normally, I’m not a fan of third person shooters, as they always feel kind of mushy in terms of controls for some reason. Warframe had this feel for me, which I think is why I bounced off it despite trying it a few times.

First Descendant feels pretty right in terms of controls.

There’s clearly a huge capacity for grinding, as there are infinite things to unlock and optimize, but at least for the first few hours it’s been quite fun and the early game is quick enough that it doesn’t feel like a slog.

One thing that is very well done, is how missions integrate into the open world. It’s very easy and seamless to join up with other players doing the missions. You can accept missions and sometimes it’ll just teleport you to where other folks are already engaged in that mission, and you can cooperate without needing to explicitly party up.

Or if you are just running around and you help folks who are doing something, the game will just immediately give you whatever mission they are doing, and you’ll get rewards and lot for it when complete if you stick around.

I’d recommend folks check it out, since it’s free. I’m not sure what kind of staying power the game will have, but the early game at least is well done.

Yeah, the multiplayer has been implemented quite well and I say that as someone who typically loathes public matchmaking and that sort of thing. You can play in Private instances any time you want, but I’ve been leaving my settings on Public and it’s been just fine.

Gameplay is solid. Character customization, progression, and acquisition is almost entirely lifted from Warframe but the weapons and action is closer to Destiny. For me it’s a 80/20 hybrid between the two games. I really enjoyed Warframe for years but tired of it a few years back, so I don’t mind seeing a fresh spin on the formula.

You choose one of three characters to start with but the first set of missions has you research/build Bunny. She’s not my typical style but I’ve found her to be a ton of fun, zipping around the map, building up electricity and zapping everything around you. Nice mix of area effect abilities and a really nasty beam attack that consumes all your stored energy to take out those bosses or dangerous elite. Haven’t been thrilled with the couple others I’ve tried (not bad, just okay) but Bunny is a lot of fun.

Very much a GaaS looter shooter so if you hate that sort of thing I doubt there’s anything here that would change your mind, but if you’ve enjoyed Warframe or Destiny or other games it’s worth a spin, especially at the cost of free. Not the greatest game ever made and it’s pretty derivative, but it’s all packaged well.

I went to check it out but it kept crashing in shader compilation.

Wanted to come back to this: this isn’t the case in-game, I don’t know why the videos were so stilted. Enemies definitely attack and go at you.

This is mostly a reskinned Warframe, without the parkour elements. I’ve played enough to get my starter char (Ajax) up to 25, and I like it well enough. The moment-to-moment gameplay is decent.

I’m waiting to find the thing that makes this better than Warframe, though (or even Destiny 2). Warframe has many, many more frames. More importantly, Warframe’s frame are more interesting. I think I’ll play 1stD for a while, but I don’t see this as a long-term relationship.

I’m enjoying this enough so far after a few hours to keep playing. I agree that the moment-to-moment is decent and while I initially was missing the that whole jump/slide thing you do in Warframe, it turns out I also like not having that in this one as it slows down the missions with randoms just enough. Warframe is just ludicrous speed and often I don’t want that.

I did enjoy Warframe for many hours and this is very similar in a bunch of systems, but I’m also finding it more accessible. I hadn’t touched Warframe in a years and the last few times I tried to load it up I was just so confused and overwhelmed that it lost me immediately. Maybe because Descendants is new and less content, but for me these days “not overwhelming” is a big bonus.

This is quite well done. I played the original child based character up to around 15, then switched to the electric based one that you unlock through the quest line, and took her to the cap of 40. I just unlocked the poison based one and started playing her.

One thing I’ll recommend, is definitely do the quests that involve the robot guy at the Albion base. His quests will give you free crafting and upgrading materials, that will let you do some of the end game stuff very easily, to introduce the concepts. Like ultimate weapons, or character upgrades. Definitely do those quests.

It’s very similar in a lot of ways, but the main thing it does better than Warframe is boss fights. I haven’t played it in a couple years at this point, but all the boss fights I encountered in that game were pretty terrible. Also, as TheToxicWaltz mentioned, I sort of like the slower pace here vs Warframe’s space ninjas zipping everywhere nonstop.

Bah - I wanted to avoid this because Nexon, but a ‘slower paced Warframe’ is a pretty strong selling point. Warframe is one of the few games left that gives me motion sickness (though I haven’t tried it recently with slightly better hardware to keep the framerate high/stable).

I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out, since it’s free.
I can confirm that you can have a good time playing it for a while before you hit any kind of grind wall at all. Will likely be amusing enough to carry until Soulframe comes out later this year.

warframe isn’t really a looter shooter and that’s what I am enjoying here. glad they have the module system from warframe.

I have a creator code if anyone ends up wanting to spend money but not posting it here.

I rescind my statement about it being slower. I guess folks just didn’t have their frames decked out yet when I said that. I’m in group missions now where my casual ass is finding everything already dead by the time I either catch up or aim my weapon. On the other hand I’ve only been sticking with Ajax, so I’m not supposed to be the damage dealer, so maybe it’s expected for that character.

Yeah, but that’s just the nature of online games. The GO GO GO factor kicks in after enough people have done the instances a few times.

My current frustration is the Colossus fights. I keep getting into groups with people using level 1 characters who die in seconds. I know character level isn’t everything, but the fact that they die tells me they probably also don’t have their resistances and other mods in order. There’s an info screen for each one that tells you all the Colossi’s resistances, weaknesses, weak points, breakable parts, etc. Pretty much everything. But people are either just bad or trying to get carried with no effort and I’m reminded why I end up quitting these types of games.