First DX patch is up!

Damn shame we wont get those huge sprawling levels.

If what you’re hinting at is true, there goes all interest I had in the game (which just happened to be the title I’ve been anticipating the most).

Well, it looks like my 10+ year run of having no problems at all with PC games has finally come to an end, thanks to Invisible War. It ran twice, each time eventually just dropping to the desktop right after attempting to load a level. Now, it always drops to the desktop, right after the loading screen with the progress bar at the top. No error message appears - just a nice swift kick in the balls, fuck you very much drop to the desktop. :evil:

That’s from the brain-dead decision to run the copy-protection routines on EVERY FUCKING LEVEL LOAD. My DVD drive is a little flaky – on the newer copy protection, I get a “disc not inserted” messages on the first copy-protection load attempt. Clicking RETRY then gets me in. So I get to click RETRY on the desktop on every DE2 level load. Brilliant, brilliant fucking idea, people.


and go to ‘set optimal’ – I don’t know if this helped or not. People claim permanance improvements from this and the german one as well. It does increase things like cache size from 1 to 16 or 32.

So you think it will not be good?[/quote]
Quality is largely irrelevant to this prediction. It’s a new game in a much-beloved franchise. No matter what it’s like, a rabid section of the fanbase will scream. Thief has (I think) more devoted fans than DX does, so will naturally have that much more rabid outcry at the sequel.