First Female President... of India!

Does this mean that women will be kissable in public without the kisser being thrown in jail? Or will they make the punishment worse, and cut the kisser’s nuts off?


This isn’t a big deal for India. The president is only really a figurehead. The prime minister has all the power, and they had a female prime minister elected decades ago, in 1966.

You do know that she’s not India’s first high-level female politician, right? I gotta say, the “let’s laugh at the socially benighted foreigners” vibe is offputting at the least.

Yeah, I really wish the Indians would stop laughing at us. Look, we’ll elect a female president someday, alright? Get off our macho, macho backs!

Plus 1.

As soon as I saw this, my first thought was, “Kunikos obviously never heard of Indira Ghandi.”

You know what country has the highest percentage of women in parliament, right?

India has already had a Dalit president, which was probably a more important than gender.

No, but I have heard that they issued the Hindu equivalent of a Fatwah against Richard Gere for touching and kissing that Indian actress in public, and that homosexuality is punishable by death.

How progressive!

The punishment is not the death penalty, but a sentence from ten years to life. Punishments have been extremely rare recently.

Like most developing countries, India is extremely conservative, with very traditional ways of looking at things. The law against homosexuals is actually an inheritance from the British when they were in charge. We’ve moved on since a century ago, countries like India are still catching up.

You’re likely to find much more moderate lawmaking in the Indian cities doing well financially.

Having been to India recently I think they should spend more time worrying about traffic law than kissing law. But that’s my western sense of order and queuing getting the best of me.

Gandhi, not Ghandi.

That’s actually one of the bullet points on my END WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE NOW placard.