First Futurama... now Firefly?

I really hope this is real.

"We are not affiliated with 20th Century Fox or Universal Pictures.

We are currently pursuing the rights to continue the series from Fox and make it available to the fans, either directly or via another broadcaster. "

There’s a big difference between scraping together $15 for a website and $15 million for a season of Firefly. I still think Firefly’s best hope of survival is in $5-$10 million direct to DVD/SciFi movies/miniserii.

From what I’ve read on the site they’re going to offer High Def downloads of episodes… and then a DVD at the end of the season.

Which I would totally pay for if the price was right ( Of course I’d also pay for downloadable cinema release movies at $5 a shot at just under DVD quality )

Reminds me of the effort to save Enterprise when it was being cancelled. I think it’s about as likely to succeed. And seriously, if these guys are not Whedon and the other people who wrote, directed, and produced the original series, why would I be interested?

Isn’t the SAVED! order Farscape and Family Guy and then Futurama?
And Farscape was actually saved in large part by a fan effort.

While Browncoats such as myself appreciate this sort of thing, the chances of fans taking the Firefly license from Fox are insanely slim, I think. Why would Fox give up something that’s giving them great DVD sales?

BTW, to derail a bit, if you wanna see what a craazy-ass Firefly fan I am, take a look at my total dorkdom. ;)

You sir, win Firefly fan of the board. Now I can only wonder if there is a Briantown we may stumble upon by chance.

Fuck, where did you get that hat? I want one.

Man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he’s not afraid of anything.

Hehe, to make matters worse, the dice you see in front of me are for a Serenity RPG I’m running.

I know, I have a problem. ;)

BTW, Gary, if you want the hat, PM me and I’ll give you the info of the nice girl who made mine. :)

…but, uh, what are they going to do about, uh, the events of the movie? Add a cast member?

edited for spoilers.

Those series of events were going to happen eventually anyway if the show had continued, most like. At least according to Joss and the person who played the roll (Written to avoid spoilers…just get the DVD damnit so we don’t have to worry about spoilers).