First game I've finished in a long while

Well, I don’t buy that many games. Anyway, I bought Freedom Force a week or two ago and I must say it was a great experience. It was extremely stylish, enjoyable characters and a good story.
I mostly used El Diablo (his Inferno attack was damn effective, and Ignition helped a lot the final battle), Alche-Miss (decent attack, Alteration and Curse often helped later on), Man-Bot (mostly for the sake of Diablo) and Minute Man (though I didn’t like him that much, he did have the most powerful attacks), I think. Also liked Eve and Man O’ War.
The team I had for the final mission was Diablo, Minute Man, Alche-Miss and Mentor.
I really hope there will be a sequel for this, I was sorely disappointed when it ended (not at the end, mind, just that it ended).
My most memorable moment: After the dinosaurs, Lord Dominion and crew appeared. The hero who was around was El Diablo. One Inferno later all the Alien grunts were dead and Lord Dominion was fifty metres away from the city :D

Once Man-Bot got his flying ability, he became my favorite character. Though Minuteman is great for camp value…

For Justice!

Right on, Anders. I totally agree, FF was one of the best games I’ve ever played. I applauded after the last mission ended, and was sorry there wasn’t more.

Our 7 year old kid is insane for this game as well. He walks around the house saying ‘I’ll smash you good’ and ‘Say hello to mister bat’ (he loves the gangsters) with his French accent. I don’t think he even knows what the phrases mean, although I’ve translated them for him, he doesn’t care. It’s cute as hell.

I love games.


Terrific game, and maybe the last game I’ve finished as well. I didn’t like Minuteman though. I dropped him as fast as I could, and adopted the Ant as the main character (in my mind’s eye). He just has that great Spiderman like personality. My elite team usually consisted of the Ant, Alchemiss, Diablo and Mentor/Manbot (depending).

I didn’t even buy Man-Bot’s flying ability until there wasn’t much point, but I have a rather slow style so it didn’t matter that much.

Whenever I go to the EE forum I say to myself “I feel the minds of opposition.”

Freedom Force was great fun, but waaaaaaaaay too easy unless you had the strength of will not to take the easy route (for instance, Man O’ War absolutely romps through Mr. Mechanical).

Man O’War against Mr. Mechanical.

Guilty as charged.

Yeah, I did that.
And yeah, it was pretty easy. Ignition also made the Time Master a piece of cake, among other things.

I think there were only a couple of missions that I failed for dying (I’m pretty sure there were others, such as that STUPID, WHINING, INSUFFERABLE LIBERTY LAD!!!). You became really powerful really fast, and the combat model didn’t lead to a huge amount of defence against ‘Smash Enemy Really Hard In Face From Next Rooftop’. The final battle against all the bosses, its inclusion earning all involved a few years in the bowels of Perdition, was almost comical.

“Graaah! It’s me agai…”
“You beat me first time, but this time I will be the…”
“Do not think this will be as easy as…”

Did you try playing on the hard difficulty level? I played through once on normal and now I’m about 2/3rds of the way through on hard, and it’s an entirely different experience.

It’s one of the few games I’ve finished too. So great. So much style – I’m amazed at how they were able to embrace the cheesiness of the subject matter and still make an engrossing tactical game. And I love the way the environmental interactivity allowed some missions to play different every single time – the aircraft carrier in particular comes to mind.

Ant was a big fave of mine, too, and although I didn’t use Mentor much the first time through, this time I take him whenever I can. I love his voice and odd inflection.

It’s funny how everyone (myself included) dislikes Minutman. I loved Captan America as a kid, but MM just doesn’t do it for me. Too cheesy, I guess. It’s almost like a DC chracter in the Marvel universe, or something. Liberty Lad was pretty cool though, and delivered my personal favorite line: “I’m itchin’ for a tussle.”

I made a Cyclops character.

Lightspeed, Crackshot, one super high knockback, medium damage, low energy attack. Bad guy would show up, one shot later he was on the other side of the map.

The game was easy the first time I went through it. :-)

Really, really sad this game apparently didn’t sell well. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s high on my list of games I’ll get back to after Rise of Nations… :)

Rise of Nations looks like it could be a lifelong career… :D

I went with The Ant as well, combining him with El Diablo. You get him to lure the bad guys over to the gas tanks or whatever, dig down and then El Diablo hits the area with an inferno. See ya!

I hated Eve. Those arrows did squat for me. Once Man-bot could fly he was a powerhouse, but only for about one mission and then he was gone.

Did anyone else think the additional heroes were too expensive? By the time you had enough dough to get them, they were underpowered compared to your regular crew. Man-o-war seems a favorite, but did anyone buy any of the others? Raven, the Man-o-war sidekick, or those big bruisers? I did a danger room with some of them and they seemed profoundly second rate.

Yeah, they were. The point-value system is unbalanced in some ways, one of them being that a character’s purchase price is based on the total value of a their final powers and attributes, as opposed to the “first level” powers that they start out with in the campaign.

I used Raven in the main campaign just to try her out and she was no great shakes, but I had fun with her nonetheless. Every superhero team has some useless members, after all. And part of the fun of FF for me was trying to succeed with underpowered characters against really tough enemies – like early on with Mentor. My favorite Danger Room exercise is Captain America against endless and ever-increasing waves of bad guys.

Uh… Raven? I don’t remember anyone called Raven…

Everyone besides me who played this game is crazy. Minuteman kicks ass precisely because of his dialogue.

Okay, IIRC the game de-emphasizes melee characters in the later parts (or maybe I just developed him wrong somehow and gave up on the fool when he started whiffing on all his attacks), but come on, a game like this demands a first-rate Commie Cretin Crusher.

I think I’m remembering her name right… She’s one of the bonus characters (download or EB freebie disc), along with Supercollider and one or two others.

I loved this game as well.

Since the game didn’t sell well, I’m guessing we’ll never see a Freedom Force 2.