First idle animation?

I’m thinking it was Boulder Dash. Anything earlier?

Captin Goodnight comes to mind, I beleive that predated Boulderdash? Stuff that long ago is really fuzzy.

Chris Woods

The rabbit you guide through the maze in the Apple IIe tutorial disk would face the screen and tap his foot impatiently if you didn’t move him for a while. That’s the earliest idle animation I can remember. The game that made idle animations cool was, of course, Sonic the Hedgehog.

What about Space Invaders? Those aliens had idle animations of a sort.

Sonic was the first I remember but the best one is Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64 haven’t played the XB version)

Boulder Dash was definitely the first one I ever saw. Never having heard of Captain Goodnight (I was Atari, not Apple), I looked it up: Boulder Dash was 1984, and Captain Goodnight was 1985 according to HotU.

The IIe was 1983, so I believe Tutorial Rabbit wins the prize.

Starflight when you’re in dock although it’s not the first.

The androids in Android Nim on the TRS-80s MdI and MdIIIs had idle animations. Circa around 1979 I believe :)

Tough to top 1979. That might be it. Although “circa” means “around.”

I googled Android Nim and apparently it was actually written in 1978, so it does indeed seem to be the current winner.

I don’t care about “technically” the first idle animation; the first in my mind has GOT to be Sonic.