First Line of Defense against the Tom/Mark entity

As all of you know, Levitate Me’s forums are basically analogous to the first circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno, only for banned Qt3ers instead of pre-Christian philosophers such as Socrates and Plato. Instead of cenobites tearing off the flesh of the damned with rusty hooks and making them scream out their eternal agonies through defecating mouths, Tyjenks and Cathcart torture Met_K and Cookiepants with rusty quips about post counts and ducks as their victims spew out vulgarities at one another typed entirely in capital letters. It isn’t quite hell, but sometimes it is as close to hell as a half-empty forum can be.

Anyway, there is an interesting thread over there about the Qt3 bannings, in which Met_K and Cookiepants lay down the four-one-one on why they were banned. It’s about what you’d expect: two grown men armed entirely with capitalized swear words typing paragraph after paragraph in which they compare their crusade against Cleve Blakemore to a Red Beret’s crusade against New York City rapists. They weren’t banned, they were martyred. It is all a real yuk and I recommend everyone read the thread for that alone.

But I’m really not calling attention to the thread in order to drudge up the silly old banning thing again, but rather because our favorite forum autistic makes a brief little appearance there and ended up hammering in his single most quotable post since the infamous “most respected thinker on this forum, by far” episode.

Here we go!

I hope just the opposite. One of the outcomes of my recent posts on the Qt3 bannings is to make the Tom/Mark entity re-think its banning paradigm.

I wouldn’t mind setting up a layered system whereby I became the first line of defense… only when my “doctoring” fails will the Tom/Mark entity step in with the ban stick. I don’t trust Tom/Mark to handle things on its own, not after its treatments this summer. What a monstrosity this whole thing was.

I really don’t trust its silence, either. It has no confidence in its actions. It can’t even talk about its motivations. Bad, bad, bad.[/quote]

Just to reiterate: Brian Koontz “wouldn’t mind” electing himself as both the first AND last line of defense between “it” -“the Tom/Mark entity” (otherwise known as “The Godhead”) - and the rest of us in actually moderating “it’s” own forums. And man, look at that wacky sentence right there, starting with “One of the outcomes of my recent posts…” Um, Mark, Tom… has a recent outcome of Koontz’ blithering doofusisms about “full disclosure” been that you have completely rethought your compartively lenient banning policy? I thought the only outcome was you seriously reconsidered banning Koontz, whom, in an alternate universe where Sparta somehow won the French and Indian War, would have been thrown into a pit with a pack of feral dogs the very first time it occurred to him to spend all of his time manually accumulating instantly-dated web board statistics that are automatically available in real time anyway.

I also like the part where Brian talks about “doctoring” those who would be banned - I can only imagine that this is the same form of “doctoring” that Koontz performs so fervently on the infertile, the prepubescent and the elderly to escape the moral taboo of rape that he has spent so much time thoughtfully redefining for all of us. Machfive - time to start pissing the Tom/Mark entity off! Better yet, Mark/Tom, perhaps you could arrange for Brian to go doctor himself?

I didn’t even read all of that thread, you must really be bored. Also, I’d like to take this chance to say that The Wall sucks, because I know Met_K is reading this and there’s nothing he can do about it, nyah nyah.

I searched Levitate Me’s forums, and there is only one mention of me. Since you are reading over there, can you please let me know if anyone mentions me again, or maybe mentions me not using my name so I wouldn’t be able to find it in the search?

I would have stayed there reading the threads myself, but I saw Koontz there, and I don’t really need to be on two boards with him, one is more than enough.



Careful Crypt. I imagine you can get banned for quoting banned members from this board who post on other boards by placing said quotes here.

Most of the LevitaeMe threads started because there are ~5 people who post there and it was so empty that any random thought would do for a topic.

I just read the start of that thread… and really, they don’t seem to care… so why should we?

(It’s late and I should go to bed, but I’m not bloody tired… some days I wish i wasn’t addicted to caffiene mints)

This is really sad …



You know Met_K comes across in the above post as an anti-social loser. Met_K if you read this it isn’t a f…king contest here at Qt3. Some of us are actually here to engage in interesting discussions.

I’d also note that some of us will even write “fucking” all out so the children can read it.

Hell, I say fucking specifically so that children CAN hear it.

I love wearing my “Fuck off, I’m Mixing!” shirt in public. More than few times, worried mothers have told me it was vulgar.

Vulgar is shielding your children from the realities of life so they grow up, get shocked at its horror, and start killing people or themselves.

Wow, how edgy.

Yes, if a three year old child hasn’t been exposed to the word fuck, we might as well just kill them. They are so sheltered, they will be a useless adults.

Machfive, by making sure children hear the word fuck, you really are doing a service to the entire world community. I commend you on your mission of exposing these soft pre-teens and showing them the real world is filled with children old enough to drive and pick out their own clothes.

Machfive, proving my point with every post.

Bryce (Met_K) really does come across as a jerk online. This is particularly disturbing:

Anyone who’s been into strategy gaming and online communities like Usenet and Apolyton knows better.

At any rate, the thread is interesting because it does, in part, present an accurate picture of what happened (loony Koontz ranting excepted, of course). One of the reasons Mark and I haven’t discussed the bannings is because they’ve involved private emails that we don’t feel the need to publicize. But if Bryce and Eric want to share what happened, like they’re doing over at the Levi Tateme site, they’re more than welcome to do so.


I have this strange suspicion that Chet doesn’t like Machfive.

See everyone, this is why you have to be a bland poster like me.

He also came across as a jerk when he was kicking my ass at Mario Golf. The rat bastard. Fuck you, Met_K, and your damn Princess Peach in her miniskirt. You’ll get yours.

Chet doesn’t seem to like anyone, anymore. I suspect that if it was left up to him, he’d close the site to new registrants, ban everyone who registered this year, and let it rot.

No community exists in stasis, Chet. They all change. Unless, of course, they stop updating and then shut down their forums.

Wow! My third post ever on Qt3 and it somehow got stuck in someone’s craw badly enough that I got a mention over there. Huh.

btw–I thought any posts exchanged by Met and I, after a point, represented a fairly rational discussion and give-and-take, but what the hell do I know?

Wow, I just breezed through the first 10 or so posts in the Levitate Me thread. Amazing. Never in the history of human conflict has so much been made of so little by so few.

I so rule.

Sweet! Pics?

What we need now is a site, not unlike Gametab, with highlights and links to posts made by Qt3 forum members on sites other than Qt3.

Banned, yet not completely gone.

Where’s wumpus?

As I said on this forum and to Chick privately, I would like an open debate regarding banning policy. Since it effects everyone (potentially) its EVERYONE’S business.

Chick is cute with his “loony ranting” but that’s just another of the ways he tries to neglect the issue. In Chick’s ideal world, he’s blind, deaf, and dumb and the rest of us are mute. Nurse Ratched would be proud.

I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid another monstrosity like that which the Tom/Mark entity produced this summer. Lets just say that a sequel should not be made.

Bannings are a tool to be used, not abused.

Brian, only you could point to your ludicrous MMOGs thread where everyone rightfully called you an idiot and claim any kind of victory. And, Mark and Tom owe you no explanation. You were the beginning of the end, if they made one mistake it was not banning you.