First new thread in this forum

Will the addition of this forum restore sanity to the Everything Else forum? Or is it already too late?

What a sneaky way to say, “First!” :)

It’s the first time I’ve ever done that, I swear! :D

BTW Mark, is moving threads over to here from EE a one-time deal, or will there be future “forced relocations?”

I just spent 5 minutes looking for my last post that I sent to ‘everything else’. I thought that there was a conspiracy when I couldn’t find it. Now it’s all clear- great idea, guys.
Also, I’m staking a claim as the third to post here.

Well, i would maybe have called it Politics, society, religion, instead. It seems like a pretty good idea, though.

We’ll probably be a bit more active about moving threads. It wasn’t ever a problem before, as I remember. The more we categorize, the easier it is for a thread to be in the wrong place. And I didn’t relocate every Everything Else thread – just some of the more recent ones.

We’re just trying to make it easier for people to be more selective in their reading, if that’s what they want.

Oh, and to give credit to where credit is due, in this case to the Godfather of Hardware – Loyd Case suggested the creation of this section.

Thanks Loyd!

Kudos to Loyd then. I had been wondering if this was something you had just thought up without telling Tom about. :wink:

We both wanted to do this. We have some other ideas as well, but for now, we’re going to see how this works out.


Cool. EE is now listed at the bottom again, since it was kinda weird having it second last.

As for the other new ideas, would that happen to include a forum specifically about the gaming industry? Or is everything under wraps?

Nice idea guys - Kudos and thanks Loyd

Ooooh, I am on the edge of my seat. Whatever could that be? :wink:

As ever,

Tyler Jenkins

How about splitting off MMORPG discussion from the Games forum, as most people seem to care either for MMORPGs or for other games but not both?

Brother,is that ever a good idea.Sometimes it’s hard to tell which threads are about ‘games’,and which are about MMORPG,and occasionally I’ll unknowingly click on one of the latter by mistake.Gives me the shakes for the rest of the day.

I think that is half true. I think most of the people, at least on this board, that like MMORPGs also like other games. But you could certainly say that MMORPGers are a different breed. Just ask Mark!

That is probably is too narrow. But breaking off PC and console would work for me even with some minor overlap.

Aw, shucks.