First STALKER Gameplay Movie

IGN is hosting the first STALKER (GSC Game World’s Chernobyl sci-fi shooter) movie via its download service (like FilePlanet, has free alternatives):

66 MB, DiVX. Well worth the download - the game’s 3D engine looks quite remarkable, and is even impressive after watching Half-Life 2 and DOOM III movies. The freedom of movement (akin to OFP, perhaps?) is what is most intriguing to me.

Only quibbles? The characters and their movements looked weak.

same here, its the only thing I didn’t care for, their movements seem somewhat stiff but thats nitpicking.

The most impressive part of the movie came towards the end where the camera pans around the dark areas lighting up busted ceramic tiles, dusty woodem planks and the like. The sheer amount of detail in the objects strewn about and the variety of textures is something that even HL2 isn’t quite up to par with.

Frickin Quicktime, I’ll have to take a look when I get home.

Looks pretty cool - agree that there’s something not quite right about the player models…I can’t quite put my finger on it though.

Oh. I thought this was a thread about Bill Huffman

Not to piss in anyone’s salad, but the gameplay looked pretty poor.

Also, they seem to be really confused about what makes a game good. They are still stuck in the late-90s mindset, thinking “features make a game good” – hence that video is showing off ragdoll physics, long draw distances, and shaders (funny how the outdoor stuff didn’t much use shaders at all, but that one bathroom did). Basically the video was “Hey look, we have these features. Oh and you shoot guys.”

If you look at the Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 videos, you see guys who have progressed beyond the late 90s and “get it” – it’s no longer “features make a game good”, it’s “creating compelling situations for the player makes a game good, and features can help us with that”. The Doom 3 video didn’t have a guy sitting there shooting a rag doll incessantly. It had a space marine working his way through a bunch of situations with big nasty monsters. And with Half-Life 2, each piece of the gameplay demo was a single coherent scenario that has gameplay value in itself. (I personally think the HL2 gameplay will be significantly better than Doom 3, since Doom 3 seems to have single-player Quake gameplay. But you have to give them credit that they are trying hard to create mood, which is important).

The Stalker video just comes off as amateur in comparison – they don’t understand what makes games good. And the freaking captions at the bottom of the screen sure don’t help.

… ?

I… don’t get it.

You would if the girls drank as much as you do.

Best bodies-tumbling-off-of-high-places sim ever.

Watching the demo, I felt like I was watching a serial killer working hard at his trade.

You know, it’s funny, I look at Stalker and I see a game rife with promise. The environments and setting are interesting, the whole cultural perspective, and a pseudo post-apocalyptic storyline! The stiff movements and obsession with reflective surfaces aren’t quite so endearing, but hey, like the disclaimer said, alpha state. I can dream.

To me, Stalker would appear to fit in nicely beneath HL2 and above Doom III on the interest spectrum.

You can’t compare this game to HL2 or Doom 3. It’s more akin to a freeform game ala GTA 3 or OFP. The gameplay sounds alot like GTA sci fi around Chernobyl (freeform missions, vehicles). STALKER and Xenus are games that should be cool. Though the animations do look a bit stiff compared to the usual smaller scale higher detailed shooter, but then again that never bothered me with OFP.


I enjoyed OFP tremendously. I just don’t get the feel from that video that the game is going to be anywhere near as interesting as OFP. I’d be happy to be wrong though.

Well I’m only comparing the bigger than usual areas of OFP and Stalker. Stalker looks fine to me, but yeah its really nothing like OFP in gameplay(NOTHING seems to be like OFP imo). But I do hope they get the running and gunning right. A shooter really needs to be solid in that repsect and OFP does have its own feel and works well with it. I’m a bit worried they might fudge the feeling of shooting in Stalker (the videos haven;t convinced me they have ironed it out yet). I played there previous Codename Outbreak, and I’m expecting similar type gunplay… which was pretty solid in the outdoor areas…


Confused by the premise behind basing a computer game on a science fiction movie which pointedly lacked any special effects whatsoever, the boarders resorted to evaluations based on Western cultural concepts such as “gameplay,” “features,” and whether or not the “captions” that were used to simulate the movie’s subtitles “didn’t freaking help.” The cognoscenti, however, had only one question in mind, which for the moment they kept to themselves: would there be zombies? Fans of the genre (as opposed to fans of games in the genre) anxiously awaited the answer.

Why does “cognoscent” suddenly seem like a GREAT name for a monster in a Serious-Sam-like FPS?

“Look! A cognoscent!”
“And another! And five more!”
“Quick! Get the minigun! BLAST THOSE COGNOSCENTI!!!”

Mostly based on the book, Narrator, as per the developers’ statements.

Stalker certainly looks interesting. I like how they transition from real film to the games ingame graphics when the smoke stack appears.