First Star Wars standalone movie: Rogue One


I knew they used a real actor whom has a kind of similar face, but seeing the result, I think they used his ‘digital acting’ like Gollum, or like in Avatar, and the face seen on screen is fully CG.


Ok people who are having issues with Cassian’s motivations and change of heart regarding Jyn’s father are simply not thinking it through. Come on, look at Jyn. Shes hawt and rebellious. Cassian knows if he kills her father that he has zero shot at tappin that booty. So what were Cassians motivations? He did it all for the nookie. Unfortunately the Empire then committed the most impressive act of coitus interruptus in galactic history. Occams razor, people. The simplest explanation is usually the right one.


It’s true the character arcs are pretty simple (from rebellious girl that don’t believe in anything to wanting to make true his father dying wish and blow up the Death Star and defeat the Empire, from scummy rebel to rebel with a heart of gold that wants to do the right thing) but I felt they were enough for the movie, which in the end it’s a action/adventure sci-fi flick.


I think Jyn’s a better written character than Rey. Rey’s an inversion of Luke that never makes any kind of sense. Rogue One runs into trouble later on, when it starts having unearned character turns, and fails to deliver any kind of payoffs, but from the opening sequence to the Death Star test on Jedha though, Jyn pretty clearly sketched in terms of what motivates her.

The difference is that Daisy Ridley has the charisma to transcend the crappy writing through more or less sheer force of will. (And in fairness to Felicity Jones, the Force Awaken’s more playful tone gives Ridley way more space to do that.)


Saw this over the holidays and really enjoyed it. Yes, it was just a simple action/adventure flick. Yes, the character development was sparse (for a reason, as seen in the ending). Yes, it could have benefitted from some extra screenplay revisions and a little more continuity in the final 30 minutes. But in the end, it was a great action story about the people who came together to steal the plans for the original Death Star, and that’s all I really wanted out of it. In the original movie there’s a scene where someone says “a lot of good people died getting these plans for us” or something similar, and I always thought “that would be a cool story”. Turns out, it was!

I know a lot of people hated the clunky look and feel of the costumes and some of the set designs, but to be honest, I thought they were perfect. I have always thought Star Wars popularity presented it with an unprecedented problem in movie history, how do you keep futuristic tech looking futuristic over the span of 40 years when modern tech has long surpassed what you envisioned future tech to look like in your original movies. I mean, come on, in 1977 we had a Death Star that could flit about the galaxy and destroy entire planets with a laser beam, and it was controlled by a bunch of guys in elongated helmets pushing shiny clicky buttons on consoles and pulling on levers. =) I really liked the fact that Rogue One was able to combine the modern special effects for so many scenes with the 1977 look and feel of the costumes and some sets, to me it lent the movie a strange sort of authenticity. You’re telling a story set mostly in the days leading up to the opening scenes of Star Wars, so some kind of consistency with that movie is to be expected. To me, rather than feeling cheap and “B team”, it felt like an homage, a subtle nod from the filmmakers that “yeah, this is all really hokey looking in 2016, but remember how badass it all looked in 1977?”.

Maybe it’s because I was 7 years old when Star Wars came out, and saw the movie like a dozen times that summer in the theaters (for like $2.00 each time, so I spent less on 12 viewings then than I did on two tickets for Rogue One!), but rather than turn me off, the throwback look of the uniforms and sets made me feel a warm nostalgia, like I was a kid experiencing the magic all over again. Rogue One won’t go down in history as the best Star Wars movie, not by a longshot, but it is still a welcome addition to the lineup, and I enjoyed it completely.


Actually that line is about a lot of Bothans dying and its from Return of the Jedi, regarding the second Death Star.


The Red Letter Media crew have done a series of videos on Rogue One. I loved the movie, while they don’t, but their points are valid and humorous as always.

Video 1: Half In The Bag Review

Video 2: Plinkett Review

Video 3: Plinkett Responds To Comments

Video 4: Parody Review As “The Nerd Crew”


I’m just so fucking sick of that form of commentary. I don’t care if they make “good points”. It’s just depressing that people spend so much time and effort trying to tear things down instead of being productive and beneficial members of society. All this “cynical Brit / angry whatever / everything wrong with blah” bullshit is god damned toxic.

It’s why I love Movies with Mikey so much. Find a unique angle for why something is awesome and ignore what you don’t like instead of nitpicking shit to death.


I particularly loved how ‘cheap’ looking were the Rebel soldiers that went with the protagonists to help in the assault, with those vests and helmets they looked soldiers from a Vietnam war film, instead of a galaxy far away. It’s totally B-series style of costumes, which is appropriate for Star Wars.


So is a good movie or what?


Oh, oh, I totally know the answer to this one!



Yes! If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.


I don’t know if I’d characterize them as everything is wrong, they all liked TFA, they just didn’t like RO. But if criticism ain’t your bag no worries.


I don’t know why everyone picks out those costumes as an example. Aside from a slight variation in coloring they are pretty much EXACTLY the same look as the rebel troopers form Return of the Jedi, which is what I assume the designers were going for. The color variation is probably meant to be more sand/scrub camo than the forest camo from RotJ.


I have no problem with criticism. What I hate are YouTube channels almost exclusively devoted to spending over an hour tearing shit apart. And then spending more time responding to responses. And a never ending cycle of cynicism that just drains all the joy and love from something.

Plinkett was cute for his prequel trilogy reviews. Now it’s just fucking old.


They do a whole review show. Tearing shit apart with a Plinkett review is a pretty rare occurrence for their channel. Recently they did a series just on movies they loved (including a great discussion on Tremors).

Would definitely second this.


That vader scene alone was SO badass - we needed more of those in the og trilogy!


George, is that you?

(watch the end of Rebels season 2)


Speaking of which, I always get confused over which TV star wars media is highly recommended. Seems like there are a few cartoon or 3D animated series?

Is the current Rebels the “Really Good” one?



I will simply add that, as season 3 hits its stride, they’ve really done a good job developing the threads. They got Thrawn right, which goes a long way.