First Star Wars standalone movie: Rogue One


I’d recommend watching like, the last 3 or 4 episodes of Season 5 of Clone Wars, then going to Rebels. Spoilers to tell you why though.


I think Rebels is fantastic. Never seen Clone Wars though.


Thanks! I’ll probably end up watching Clone Wars and then Rebels :-)


In another example of showing how the re shoots were a good idea. Gilroy in an interview with Yahoo! Movies said Vader’s slicing up the rebels shot was an added one.



Love these guys! Best of the Worst is my fave. :D


Finally saw this over the weekend (I like to let event movies sit on the burner for a few weeks and let the crowds thin out), and was astonished that I managed to completely avoid getting spoiled about the character’s fates for that length of time.

Just having now caught up with the replies to this thread since I stopped looking at it about the time the first trailer hit, I guess I can say I agree with the contingent that says this is the best SW movie since Empire. I liked the characters, but agree the introductions were not good. They felt rushed, and yet the whole first act just seemed to plod along.

The CGI Leia didn’t bother me, but CGI Tarkin really stuck out. Felt like watching a stop-motion character alongside real actors. It’s surprising to me that a SW movie couldn’t muster this kind of thing after it was pulled off so well with the younger versions of Michael Douglas in Ant-Man and RDJ in whichever Avenger movie that was.

But I was happy to see that my biggest trepidation - retreading the Death Star - didn’t materialize. They found new things to unveil about it, such as the low-power shots that deliver asteroid-impact levels of destruction. And I really liked that shot of the director coming to on the tower top and looking up at the sky to see the Death Star glaring down at him like a giant eyeball before firing the kill shot.

The final battle was really well done. Nice ebb and flow, and despite bouncing around between several different parties, you could still follow everything. Too many action movies these days fuck this part up. Another shot I liked was the Star Destroyer committing hyperjumpus-interruptus on the rebel fleet toward the end. Good stuff.


So the family and I finally saw this Sunday. We all liked it, to varying degrees I think. I don’t think any of us enjoyed it as much as TFA, but everyone did like it. Personally knowing the likely hood going in that everybody dies (because none of them are in episode 4) made for a strange experience. You don’t leave the theater on a high, but I think you are entertained and feel like you know more about a world that you do want to know more about.

The CGI didn’t really bother me. I do think they needed to do it, although they probably could have worked around it with both characters. The first one was used so much though that they did need either the CGI or a whole new character. The second could have been done another way.

As for people who thought the acting sucked, well, I don’t know that the acting in Star Wars movies has ever been the reason to see the movies. And sure there was less character development and chemistry in this film, but I thought there was enough to explain their motivations.


That is one of the strange things about Rogue One. Its considered a one-off movie but honestly because of the way it ends for our heroes, it plays better as a prequel to the original trilogy. Their sacrifices are given worth and meaning by virtue of what happens in that trilogy. Its really Star Wars 3.5 regardless of how they want to deny it as part of the “Skywalker” storyline. In fact there are even two Skywalkers in the movie. So in my world, its Star Wars 3.5


Or just cast Charles Dance, a Peter Cushing lookalike who is also an extremely charismatic, fantastic actor.

That said, I was happy to see the character back and given a prominent role - it added a lot to me, and I was fine with the CG - it may not have been completely life like, but given the nature of the franchise which has routinely used puppets and midgets in furry oneses, I’ve never expected complete realism from Star Wars.

The movie itself felt, to me, like fan fiction more than like Star Wars, but I loved the space fighting scenes and the last third of the movie in general - the direct ties to the original Star Wars, such as including unused scenes from the Red/Gold leaders, were great to see. I could have done without C3PO/R2 altogether, and I’m not sure anyone needed to see Walrus Man again (groan-inducing contrivance), but I also liked most of the new characters. I wish Ben Mendelsohn was given more to do, and that Forest Whitaker’s character didn’t seem to be included primarily for ancillary franchise material.

The rebel ground “incursion” consisting of a couple dozen guys seemed a little too flea-bitten to do anything other than get squashed in seconds by a single AT-AT, let alone the rest of the firepower there. But I’m grateful to Gary Whitta for getting an HK-47 character into a Star Wars movie.

After 3 movies, I don’t think Gareth Edwards will ever evolve into a good director, but he does have a great eye for visuals - I love some of the scenes in this movie (and in Godzilla). One of the main things I liked about this movie, however, is that it’s easily the most “adult” movie the franchise has made - and I don’t mean that because of the “war” focus (it’s Disney still, after all) - but in terms of really limiting the number of slapstick or cute little critters. I’d like to hope that eventually Disney will loosen the reins a bit and allow a broader range of movies, including an r-rated action movie, or just more grounded dramas like the Expanse, and while that certainly isn’t this movie, Rogue One represents at least a small step towards that.

For all my caveats, I’d be really happy if we had a movie of at least similar quality every year, as I do love Star Wars.

Maybe I’ll finally get around to watching Clone Wars and/or Rebels.


Is it bad that when I saw the stockier Rebel pilot bite it (and honestly everything was happening so fast that I may be misremembering) I was immediately reminded of the line from the Family Guy’s Blue Harvest episode, “They got Porkins!”?


Or the guy that actually played Tarkin in the movie under all that CG: Guy Henry.


And if they used a look alike, just as many people would be bitching about how it just didn’t look right. They were damned if they did, damned if they didn’t.


Nah. This is not the first nor the last time an actor or actress dies in the midst of a series run. It has happened a number of times before and no one freaked out due to lack of CGI.


Guy Henry looks enough like Cushing even without makeup that I think no one would’ve minded the replacement. Throw some gray hair dye on him, a few wrinkles, and just make sure to have someone say “Tarkin” a few times and people would’ve gone along with it.

This is literally what movies have done before and no one makes a big deal out of it. Sure, you get people comparing Richard Harris’ and Michael Gambon’s portrayal of Dumbledore, but no one sane found the movies unwatchable because of the change.


I actually loved the fact that they recreated CGI-Tarkin, and thought he looked pretty good, especially compared to Creepy Leia (where they obviously rushed it).


Well that’s a steaming pile of false equivalency.


You’re acting like we’ve never lost actors before and somehow everything fell apart when CGI wasn’t used. That’s not true. We’ve had recasts before and dealt with the absence of talent before… Why do you think otherwise?


Because its Star Wars and fans are extremely passionate and rather picky. The smallest of changes have been picked to death. Also a lot of what you are talking about are very small scenes almost cameos in nature, like Paul Walker in the F&F movie. This was a much larger role than usual in those circumstances. To be honest, when ever another actor takes on a very familiar role its gets scrutinized. I am just saying that people were going to jump on this no matter which way they went. Why do you think otherwise?


I wasn’t thinking of the ones that used CGI. I was thinking of the ones that didn’t… like Harry Potter. I don’t think you followed my argument very well. I am talking about not needing CGI.