First Star Wars standalone movie: Rogue One


Well we’d have to completely rethink the Bechdel Test, for starters.


Hey sweet, I’m not the only person that owns that!


This passed the $1 billion worldwide box office mark over the weekend. It is the 28th film to to do so.


So I finally actually saw the movie on Saturday. Rough thoughts:

Tarkin/ Leia were noticeable. Though I personally found the (largely contrary to consensus) Leia more striking. It didn’t bother me, no more than any CGI does. The reason Tarkin was less noticeable was probably because Peter Cushing was already a weird looking dude, so the extra uncanny just added to his already existing uncanny!

That space battle

The bureaucratic infighting was a nice touch. For both factions

The most jarring thing? No title crawl, no Williams soundtrack. The opening made me do a double take.

The change in focus, the cribbing liberally from WWII films (the infiltration to the archives in particular), it worked for me.

If this gets more Americans to realize how good Donnie Yen is, that’s a good thing in my book. He didn’t get to do much, but they gave him a few chances to shine.

Overall? I liked it. Would have to watch again to put in my rankings, but it firmly falls into the ‘better’ category. Not close to knocking off Empire, but probably a toss up with Jedi for #4. Needed more Saw Gerera in action, not just glowering from his base.


Completely agree. YES we all know the prequels had some serious faults (mainly the acting of Anakin).

But can somebody tell Red Letter Media that they are shit now. IRONY is dead and there smarmy anti Lucas rants are not clever. These days, I find it useless to nitpick comic book movies and sci fi/fantasy epics… its like pop music ‘criticism’, its all so subjective.

I can imagine these guys making movies… actually no… they don’t have a clue to be honest.


They do make movies! And they aren’t that great. But they are kind of b movies by design.


Meh, too bad there beloved Packers lost. LOL!!! They should spend an hour podcast debating why Aaron Rodgers ISN’T Favre or Brady. Just joking… Rodgers still is a great QB.


They like most comic book movies and sci fi movies. Not sure you actually watch RLM. But hey I guess they aren’t your cup of tea.


Blu-Ray/DVD launch on April 4th (naturally)


Gareth Edwards did a Reddit AMA. On the subject of the opening crawl:

Gary Whitta actualy wrote one in the first draft. You’ll have to pester him for it ;) …I do believe that those opening crawl words are actually floating out there in space somewhere. We just have to fund NASA well enough so their deep-space telescopes can find them, lets crowd fund it and make it happen.[/quote]


Too bad Gary doesn’t post here anymore. We could have begged him to post the opening crawl exclusively on Qt3 and hugely raised Tom’s profile.

Then again, people would have learned about choggle pants and possibly boycotted any future films in which Gary was involved.


Someone did the obvious thing and did an edit that merges the end of Rogue One with the beginning of A New Hope.

Interestingly enough, upon seeing that video, I found CGI Leia notably more jarring now than way back when I watched the movie in the theater on a big screen. Weird. It’s not because of Carrie Fisher having passed in the meantime, it’s just that I’m now getting the same “something’s off…” vibe instantly that CGI Tarkin gave me immediately upon watching it in December.


I still don’t mind the CGI of either character, but I take back what I originally said about Vader’s neck portion looking ‘off’ in Rogue One. It was noticeable in the originals too, now that I’m explicitly looking for it. The lighting in Rogue One just made it stand out in a way that made it more obvious.


Finally saw this, going into this semi blind. It is pretty much a rehash of past SW movies, so derivative it is more worthwhile rewatching the original trilogy. People keep bagging Lucas but at least he brought something new to the prequels and refused to be slavish to the original trilogy. Like Jar Jar.

Episode VII, and now Rogue One. Disney is simply creatively bankrupted and turning SW even more into a money printing machine and nothing else.


That’s an interesting take. When I saw it (and I just rewatched it last night after picking up the disc) I was struck by how it didn’t feel like a Star Wars movie at all. It’s got the characters, ships, and pew pew like you’d expect, but the beats and resolution are wholly un-Star Wars. Even the shot composition felt like a different franchise.


And I still haven’t seen this. It would have blown ten-year-old-me’s mind that a Star Wars movie would come out and I’d just let it pass by, but here we are. I mean, I’m sure I’ll catch it some time. Has to be on Netflix or cable someday, I guess.


I really don’t understand the perspective that Rogue One is a “rehash”. Everything from the core problem they’re solving, to the types of characters they introduce, to the alliances that are formed across completely different factions, to the diverse casting, to the ending are unlike anything in any of the other 7 movies.

Heck, even elements like The Force are handled completely differently from any other Star Wars movie.


Or you can rent the Blu-ray when it comes out. I actually saw this one in the theater but the previous one with faux-Keira Knightley I waited to watch on Blu-ray. (BTW, I liked Rogue One better)


It’s out - saw it at Costco last night. Still in no rush.


Spoilers ahoy.

Now let’see: space battle, the Rebels against seemingly impossible odds but still “won”: that’s from RotJ when Palpatine was baiting Luke.

Ground assault: a mix of Ewok-less ground assault in RotJ and the start of Esb.

Character beat: same but slightly different.

A non Jedi doing Jedi like feats, tick.
A darker Solo/Lando, tick.
A protagonist with Daddy issue. Daddy seems like a bad dude but really isn’t, and protagonist is hidden away by some bigwig anti Imperial figure. Key to destroying a key part of the empire. Tick tick tick.
Bureaucratic infightings within the Rebels and the Empire: a gift from prequels Senate infightings. The betrayal of that white cape dude. cannot be greater than the time Paplatine ordered Anankin to off Count Dooku. Ah the perils of the middle manager: first to go in a corporate restructure.