First Star Wars standalone movie: Rogue One


If you’re going to be that reductionist about it then may as well throw Joseph Campbell at every film you see.

Does it share some similarities? Absolutely. Does it do some different things? Most certainly. The climax had a very different feel than any of the other original films, and the stakes were different. The Rebel fleet got destroyed, their win was pyrrhic in nature.


Soma’s post is one of those that make me wonder if anyone else sees “green” or “blue” or tastes “sweet” the same way I do.

He/she sat down and saw the same movie I did (apparently), but perception is totally different. It’s not worth debating anymore than arguing about whether your green is the same as my green.


Exactly. Facts are all there and the same, but the interpretations are completely different. One man’s rehashing-last-night-leftover is another man’s inspired-reimagining.

I’m not saying I’m right and you are wrong or vice versa. I’m just saying my recognition of the tropes from past SW movies makes me think this is just a cash in rather creative risk-taking. Lucas took more creative risk with the prequels (and I’m ok with the prequels, other than the Portman/Christensen wooden acting duo), and look how some people hated him for it.


Complaining about a space battle in a SW movie…your logic well…defies any logic. I have no idea how you could like any movie if you think like this.

“Hey WTF are they racing cars for in a Fast and Furious movie…LAME!!! and that James Bond guy always getting out of another crazy situation…do something original people!”


Are there actually places you can rent blurays any more? I haven’t seen a video store in years.


Is Redbox not around anymore? Maybe it’s gone and I’m out of the loop. I still do the “one Blu-ray at a time” thing from Netflix along with streaming but I should probably just rent recent movies through my devices instead–it would probably be cheaper.


Redbox still exists! And according to a post on Reddit , Blockbuster Videos are still around in certain cities!


I still use Redbox. There is also a Family Video near me that’s still in business. But I’ve never been there. I do miss the days of Disc Netflix, when you could watch whatever you wanted and weren’t restricted to what was on Redbox and streaming services. Even though I’ve never been to Family Video, I bet it’s hard to find certain movies, and it’s not as extensive a collection as Disc Netflix.


Umm, disc Netflix is still a thing, you know. I pay $10/mo for a 1 BD at a time plan (currently it’s Arrival).

Maybe it’s not available for newer customers?


I don’t think it ever came to Canada.


Family Video is the only major player left in the physical media game, at least around the metro detroit area. They have a pretty extensive collection but yeah since they are not a by mail place they do not have a national library to draw from so some obscure crap will be hard to find. I have never had a problem finding what I want at the local Family Video.


Ah, that makes sense. I should not assume that folks live south of the 49th parallel.

With regard to Netflix’s deep disc library, it seems to be getting shallower as well, which is annoying. Here are some films that currently show as “unavailable or not yet released”:

Mighty Aphrodite (Woody Allen film from the 90s)
Ghost World (2001–with Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson and R. Crumb I think)
Europa Europa (1990 highly acclaimed German film about a German Jew who is “passing” during the Nazi times/WW2)
1984 (the one that came out that year with John Hurt and Richard Burton)
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007, with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke)
Galaxy Quest (WTaF?? I know it’s usually streamable somewhere, but COME ON)
The Counterfeit Traitor (1962 WW2 spy thriller with William Holden and Lilli Palmer—looks good, but who knows when I’ll get to see it)
Breakheart Pass (1975 Western with Charles Bronson)


Wait… Family Video is just a regular video rental place? I thought they were one of those ones that edits films to make them… “christian”. The things you learn on the internet.


No, Family Video is the opposite of that, kinda. It’s the chain that survived when Blockbuster didn’t, because every Family video has a little adult video section behind a curtained-off area.


Yeah, I was thinking the adult stuff is what carried them. Ironic that they are called Family Video.

Now the one near me has added a carryout pizza joint on the premises.


Same with the one near me actually. I think they’re called Marco’s or something like that. They always mail me coupons about getting movies and pizza together.


Saw this on Netflix this morning with my wife. On par with the prequels. Only two people in this film weren’t completely unlikable or uninteresting.

Movie did a poor job of making me give a shit about anything or anyone; and I think the people who made the film just took it for granted that the audience would automatically know and care about most of this stuff going in.


Have you seen a prequel lately? If not, I highly suspect watching one would make you retract that statement.

The prequels are downright horrible.


I prefer the Phantom Menace to the mess that is Rogue One. the rest of the prequels are absolutely indefensible, yes.


The mere absence of Jar Jar Binks makes Rogue One better than Star Bores: the Farcical Mess, IMHO.