First Star Wars standalone movie: Rogue One


Maybe but if you go on Netflix and look up Clone Wars it says “Expiring Oct 7th” maybe that could change but with the word now that Disney is ending their deal with Netflix I wouldn’t count on it being extended anymore.


Because, like, it all really happened.


I second the recommendation for The Clone Wars animation. Fantastic stuff, it ranks up there with the best of Western Animation. It can take a few episodes to get going and you can really see the technical improvements as the series progresses. The plot lines frequently attack mature themes and the battle scenes get pretty epic. Afterwards if you enjoyed the series be sure to check out Star Wars Rebels which is a direct sequel (albeit with mostly different characters and a slightly different animation style).


My opinion is that the clone wars animated series is very much worth it.

I would love to see something that takes place in during the old republic


Apparently this is a good way to watch it?


Yea the first several seasons have episodes that are mixed up timeline wise. No idea why they did it. Thankfully goes away by the the 4th one.

Here’s the official SW page one.


Yeah, it wasn’t broadcast out of chronological order for artistic reasons - it was more of a screw-up, or demands of resources in the first season at least - so there’s no downside to watching in chronological order and for the most part it was the intended order for viewing.


I watched most of S2E16 last night, which is listed as the first one chronologically.

I have to say, it was all plot, plot, plot so far. No real character development, nothing funny or exciting, just a showing of a series of plot points. I couldn’t finish it. Too boring.


ILM effects reel released.


Behind the Magic? Really? Pfft. It’s all CG to me.



Neat. I didn’t like the tropical island setting of the second half of the movie, though. It felt very fake.


Tony Gilroy dishes some dirt.


Never have so many done so little for so much.



So Disney got a little bit lucky there with a last-minute fix-it man. Awakens was atrocious, Last Jedi an abomination, they got lucky with Rogue One, and Solo’s production has had its issues and could likewise continue a fairly strong trend of Disney really f’n this franchise up in almost all known ways to Sunday.


Sad to hear that Last Jedi was bad. I really did like Rogue One.


I’ve… enjoyed them all to varying amounts.


It was not bad. It is just a few people here seem to relish dumping on anything popular or anything that does not try to be pretentious. The average rating of critics on Jedi was 8.1 and a 92% Rotten Tomatoes rating on 372 reviews. Either you can believe a couple of curmudgeons here or 300+ professional film critics who seemed to believe it was enjoyable.

That does not mean they are not entitled to their opinion. It is just important to recognize that their opinion is quite the minority one. I am sure there are people who also hate Schnidler’s List, Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Fahrenheit 451 but those are popular for a reason.


I mean it has problems when evaluating as part of the franchise. But, yeah, it also has some things I really like.

Also @John_Reynolds has a very… unique take on the LotR films. So take his visceral negativity on the topic with appropriate adjustment to your personal view @Papageno.

That said, one thing I agree with John on is that Rogue One is the best of the new films.


The three things you listed are works of art that provoke interesting discussions that are worthwhile having whether you ultimately like or dislike the work.

The Last Jedi is the latest entertainment sausage from Disney that provokes discussions like “person 1: it is a terrible movie for all these reasons”, “person 2: eh, I thought it was enjoyable, a good way to pass a couple of hours”.

I don’t think the complainers here are clamoring for more pretentiousness, they just wanted a Star Wars movie that will be remembered 5+ years from now like the original trilogy. Whether that is even possible anymore, well not from Disney at least. The vast majority of film critics who review Disney movies are measuring its success using very different criteria.


Speaking of the Disneyification of Star Wars, this quote nails it on the head:

THIS IS A MOVIE ABOUT SACRIFICE, PROBLEM SOLVED. Hey, I enjoyed Rogue One for what it is, but why does every Disney movie have to have a message and/or theme that can be encapsulated in a single word? It’s not even a single german word, which can convey more than many English paragraphs.