First Star Wars standalone movie: Rogue One


I kinda hated Rogue One.

I mean, I knew that everyone was going to die. But once they did, I stopped having fun. I don’t like sad movies :(

Hated is a strong word. But it sits barely above the prequels in my internal ranking.

Then again, my internal ranking is probably RotJ > ANH > TFA > TESB > TLJ > RO > RotS > TPM > AotC, so I dunno how much people will respect the Stat Wars opinions who thinks Empire is the 4th best one at most.


Well, but you were only robbed of about 30 seconds of fun before the credits rolled. And you got the Vader hallway scene, which was the absolute highlight of the entire movie.


It was one of those retroactive losses of enjoyment. The Logan comparison is strong for me. Which is an argument I’ve made too many times around here to risk annoying everyone with again ;-)

But in essence, the rather dismal and dire ending kinda spoiled the fun and drama of the preceding couple of hours in a lot of ways.

The Vader scene was pretty bitchin’, though.


You cray, @ArmandoPenblade . Everyone knows that TESB is the best of the Star Wars movies. Y U hate America? ;-)


I still think Star Wars (aka A New Hope) was the best Star Wars movie.


The Last Jedi is something very special. It made me finally understand for the first time why Star Wars has such passionate fans beyond what most movie franchises have. It’s a movie worth being passionate about.


They fucked it up all the way to the bank. :)

I liked Rogue One. I liked Awakens. I think the Last Jedi has some real problems though.

And having just finished watching the two videos on the making of the Hobbit in that thread, I don’t think Disney has done too bad by the Star Wars movies.


I’m with you. It’s neck and neck with Empire, but it gets extra points for being a complete thing, and managing to establish a whole universe in just one movie.


I still remember my mom taking me to see Star Wars in the theater. I was five years old, it was just magical. Nothing else has really compared to it.


I was older than you when I saw it, but that opening scene when the ship enters the screen was just about the most amazing thing I had seen in movies up to that time.


Same here–I was a lad of 16 that year. We had to stand in line for a long time because we’d gotten there too late for the showing we’d planned to see. A couple of us had to do a McDonald’s run to get us food, I remember.


I was 16 or so also. Also stood in line. We were also amazed by that first shot of the ship entering the screen, and then the whole movie was equally amazing. It was like nothing we had ever seen before.


There are a metric ton of good books, movies and music that are not going to be on the forefront of someone’s memory 5+ years from now. Asking any movie to be the same cultural phenomenon as the original trilogy is really an impossible goal. It simply can not happen given that Star Wars essentially created a genre, hit at the exact right time from a cultural standpoint and had special effects that at the time were mind-blowing. Star Wars could be the best movie of the decade and could not reach that bar. If people here want to call any Star Wars movie that does not reach that level an epic failure then they are better off not going to see any more of them.

Lucas’ attempt to duplicate this created movies that not only got nowhere near the same level as the original trilogy (OT) but resulted in movies that were considered awful to mediocre. At least the Disney ones are entertaining and far better received. I also believe that many look at Star Wars through some seriously myopic glasses. Return of the Jedi did not and does not provoke “interesting discussions”. It was a popcorn movie and certainly no deeper or better constructed than the new batch of Star Wars movies.


We’ll see how the franchise continues doing. Could be they cashed in on a market hungry for more SW, but mishandled the franchise and damaged its longer-term marketability. Solo has had some seriously troubled development, I’m not hearing much positive buzz about it, and what JJ and his people can do with Ep 9 is a mystery to me.


People said the same thing about the prequels but I can tell you there’s a whole new generation that grew up with them and think they’re just as good as the originals.


We must associate with different people. I have yet to meet anyone personally who said the prequels were as good at the original trilogy, either critics or fans. While I am sure those people exist, you would have to be looking under some mighty big rocks to uncover them.


This would be every young person that I know personally who was born since the prequels were released, so a sample size of about a half dozen. In fact, several like the prequels better, find the originals boring.


I could see that with Phantom Menace, but man, I can’t even imagine what someone would find interesting about Attack of the Clones.


I can’t argue with that. I actually kind of like Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith, but man Attack of the Clones is just like watching a slowly deflating balloon, except for the bits involving Gumshoe Kenobi.


So, it’s like a Chinese word, which can be written in a single centimeter²?