First the genocide in Darfur; now they're our ally,12271,1473788,00.html#article_continue

Sudan’s Islamist regime, once shunned by Washington for providing a haven for Osama bin Laden as well as for human rights abuses during decades of civil war, has become an ally in the Bush administration’s “war on terror”.

Only months after the US accused Khartoum of carrying out genocide in Darfur, Sudan has become a crucial intelligence asset to the CIA.

In the Middle East and Africa, Sudan’s agents have penetrated networks that would not normally be accessible to America, one former US intelligence official told the Guardian. Some of that cooperation has spilled over into the war in Iraq: Sudan is credited with detaining foreign militants on their way to join anti-American fighters there.

Sudanese agents have also helped the CIA to monitor Islamist organisations in Somalia.

“The intelligence relationship is the strongest thread between Washington and Khartoum,” the official said. “Khartoum is probably the only government in the Arab League that has contributed in a major way to the protection of US forces and citizens in Iraq.”

I suspect this is all a pack of lies and the Busheviks fell for it. Our newest ally: Sudan. I’m going to throw up now. (Officially, they are still vewwy vewwy bad people, of course.)