First they came for the ravers, then the rappers

Police use a helicopter and riot cops to shut down a benefit concert for Katrina victims in LA.

There were no fights or any sort of drama. There was no alcohol being served. The concert was at a venue owned by the people who run In addition, it was in a warehouse district away from residents. This meant that noise complaints could not be factor in the decision making by the police.

If the police could successfully rid us of both rappers and ravers, I’d be happy.

First they came for [fill in name of oppressed group here] and then they came for you.

Somehow, the lack of any reported arrests in that article, much less detention to death camps makes the corollary…a wee bit silly.

And looking at the site, if there had been arrests, it would have trumpeted that fact rather loudly.

It would have been sweet to see KRS-One. In the meantime, I’ll wait until the news gets posted anywhere that isn’t a web forum or the DJ’s home page. At least the kandy kids had real news crews printing the story of oppression at the hand of the jackbooted thugs.

Yeah. The write-up for the rappers more or less avoids the question of permits, etc.

The raver boards say there were “dozens” of reports of cops “sexually molesting” girls, but the accounts behind that link don’t mention any such thing. A scene’s self-satisfaction at being persecuted and the power of internet rumor roll on.

Now I’m convinced that police power has gotten out of control, they’re even messing with the first family!

What the hell happened to the constitutionaly protected right to party anyway?

You’ve got to fight for your right to party.

Turns out you have to fight harder than originally thought.