First time playing Gears of War

And well after not playing anything related for nearly a year i gotta say its pretty sweet to get back in the action!
Well besides the part where i cant start off n insane first (hc very easy) lack of kill moves… wall bounce seems a littlr slow n well the weird control setup but i can get used to it n the big one the lack of gore. This is one if the main reason I always played video games xD. Other than that It really feels pretty fun for now xD

I had a few questions though. . I cannot seem to jump over ledges like in videos I have seen
Are actives really active?
Where r the shells coming out of the gnasher? Looks like the barrel?

It’s been a long time for me but from what I remember:

  • I believe the only “jumping” is climbing over obstacles, which is a key press while pushing toward the thing you want to climb over. I don’t think there is any jumping in game.
  • Active reloads? Absolutely. If you hit the reload key again while the moving part is in the highlighted area you reload quicker and get bonus damage for the reloaded part of the clip.
  • No idea about the Gnasher - been too long. :)

It has been a long time since I played but I don’t remember being able to jump across things.

The Gnasher is the shotgun looking thing with the chainsaw blade? I think it just shoots out the end of the gun like a regular rifle.

Not sure what you mean by actives but I will agree with the above post.

No, the gnasher is the actual shotgun in this game (the rifle with the chainsaw attachment is the Lancer - I’ve been playing the remake again) so the “shells” you see flying out of the gun are very likely shells. Also, as KiloOhm mentions, there’s no jumping but there is mantling. With an Xbox controller you’re hitting “A” to take cover and then “A” again to hop over, if it’s possible to do so. A little clunky.

I have played all these games in co-play mode. It is a great game for that. Never tried them solo.

How is the win 10 version?

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I have only played these on XBox so I can’t help you. I would be curious to know how the PC version is though. I have only played the Borderlands games on XBox and wonder how they translate to a solo PC campaign.