First Vista-only game: Halo 2

Bummer. Was hoping it’d be Halo 3. :)

Master Chief Dual-Wields His Way to Windows Vista

“Halo 2,” the award-winning sequel to the instant classic “Halo: Combat Evolved” to make its PC debut on the Windows Vista platform

”Halo 2,” the game that redefined first-person combat and multiplayer action for millions of gamers worldwide, is set to explode onto PCs exclusively for Windows Vista. ”Halo 2” for Windows Vista will be developed by a dedicated Microsoft Game Studios team in partnership with Bungie Studios.

Only for Windows Vista, “Halo 2” will offer gamers both the single-player campaign and multiplayer experience of the original, as well as the additional maps offered in the “Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack.” Gamers will also have the exciting opportunity to build, create and customize their own multiplayer levels.

This is interesting. I don’t recall any “XP only” games until well after XP had debuted. This on the other hand looks very much like a calculated attempt to force O/S upgrades on users.

I don’t think Vista is going to have much in the way of compelling features if MS thinks they have to strongarm people into upgrading instead of enticing them with new bells and whistles.

Also, I doubt a two-year old game (possibly even older by the time Vista is released) is much of a killer-app to entice people who were on the fence to upgrade. The Halo series was certainly a god-send for the Xbox, but there’s plenty of other, better fps games for the PC platform.

Yeah, Fuck Vista. I can’t see people rushing to upgrade to it like they did with XP. I’m sure DRM proponents would love to see everything upgrade to it, but I have yet to see any compelling reasons to do so from a user’s standpoint.

Maybe so, but I thoroughly enjoyed the PC version of Halo and plan on buying Halo 2 as well.

Of each of those, only the third one applies. No one is ‘forcing’ or ‘strongarming’ anyone to upgrade to Windows Vista. However, if they can entice them with whatever perks come along, then I have no issue with that. Where do you get the idea that anyone could be forced into upgrading based on a Halo 2 port to Vista?

Halo 2 is IMO better in its style of online than any PC FPS Ive played in the past few years. Im not talking about Battlefield 2 style, Im talking about DM/CTF/etc. style of play. I certainly have had way more fun with it than UT2004. Please dont hurt me. :D

But yea, this is stupid and theres no way a PC port of Halo 2 is going to make me upgrade my OS to that DRM-encrusted, power-hungry OS. But Im sure I will be forced to in due time.

I’ve had this argument too many times with too many people to care to repeat it again. You win, MS is a benevolent O/S monopoly and they are just enticing users to upgrade.

I believe the question is what’s so technically compelling about Vista that the game requires it? Other Xbox games have been ported to the PC and run just fine under Windows 2000 or Windows XP. So people are making the obvious connection - that Halo 2 is being tagged as Vista only to help adoption of the OS.

I’m kinda curious about what it is that will make Halo 2 Vista-only. Will it use multiple D3D surfaces? Will it use Vista’s DRM, with the tradeoff being not having to put in that pesky CD/DVD every time you play? Inquiring minds would like to know.

I suspect the only thing that makes it Vista-only is a small piece of code that checks for it on install.

Haxx0rs ftw?

Well, Vista’s supposed to ship with some gaming-related features, like some sort of dashboard feature. (Or am I mistaken? I haven’t keept up on it too much.) Perhaps it’s made to integrate with that stuff?

On another note, I don’t understand the whole ‘fuck vista’ thing… Did it piss in your gas tank or something?

The gaming/Live features of Vista are actually pretty exciting. (And this from a person who was considering ditching their gaming/media PC in favor of a PowerMac.)

I love the idea of popping a disc in the drive and having it install in the background while I play the first few levels.

Hey, way to go to support PC gaming, Microsoft! Just keep adding to the money I have to spend to even be able to play a PC game.

This in no way adds to the attractiveness of PC gaming. I guess Microsoft doesn’t really care if we play games on the PC anymore.

IMO, it doesn’t really matter, because the only titles this will happen with is MS first party games. No other publisher will okay this kind of thing; it’s hard enough to get a publisher to agree to not supporting windows 98 nowadays, let alone a brand new OS.

When I eventually get around to getting Vista, I’ll cheerfully purchase my copy of Halo 2.

However, Microsoft should have lined up a really killer Vista app. Diablo 3, for example, would have made some serious noise. Of course, as others have more or less stated, Blizzard would certainly not be so stupid as to limit their customer base by requiring a brand new OS.

Yes, and my car’s never run the same since. Fucking Microsoft.

XP came out after the disastrous Windows ME and mostly functional but still flawed Windows 2000, and incorporated the NT kernal into regular Windows again. Plus, it was easier to use, more stable, and featured vast improvements with new hardware recognition tools. It’s their best OS yet.

The problem with Vista is it’s completely unnecessary, but the few features I’ve heard about (and that have been explained in plain English and not marketing speak) are just not compelling enough to warrant an upgrade. And as others have said, this “new games exclusive to Vista” is absolute nonsense, and merely a forced incentive to upgrade to Vista. Moving from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 was a significant step, but there’s no way going from XP to Vista is even remotely similar.

I agree. Halo 2 will be 2 years old by then, and Halo 3 will be on the hype train (if not scheduled for release at roughly the same time).

There are only two justifications I can think of for this…

LAME: Microsoft wants to sell more Halo 3 on the 360, so they bring Halo 2 out on the PC and get all those Vista upgraders, who maybe haven’t bought into the original Xbox, to check it out and get all hooked and stuff, so they have to run out and buy a 360 to get Halo 3.

GOOD: Micorosft intends to bring Halo 3 to the PC, and this time without the enormous delay the first two games saw (almost two years for Halo, and at least two years for Halo 2). Of course you can’t just skip 2 and go to 3, so they’re bringing out Halo 2 for Vista and then we’ll get Halo 3 in 2007.

Would be a better fit to just include it instead of minesweeper and charge more.

There are no “Live” like features in Vista. There’s the Games Explorer, which is kinda like your music library or something, but for games. Box art and all that stuff. There are some really great parental controls. There’s not a whole lot else - at least that Microsoft has told anyone about. I hope they do more.

I love the idea of popping a disc in the drive and having it install in the background while I play the first few levels.

This is not a Vista-only thing, and it’s up to game devs to implement it. I think NFSU2 actually does this already on XP.