First Vista-only game: Halo 2

Man, what if the next patch for WoW required Vista though? That would be forcing and strongarming. I get all giggly just thinking about the chaos that would provoke.

Well, there’s also a hardware-accelerated desktop, service auto-unloading to free up resources for games, speech recognition, integrated backup, and a few other odds and ends that sound neat.

Only if Blizzard suddenly starts appointing escaped mental patients as project leads. :)

A slightly more plausible scenario might be:

  • Vista is released, with its widely-trumpeted DRM functionality.
  • The DRM is ‘proven’ to work, or at least they can massage the numbers enough to make it look effective.
  • Buoyed by this ‘proof,’ the entertainment companies plead with Congress to “SAVE OUR INDUSTRY! SEE, IT CAN BE DONE!” and get legislation passed that prohibits the viewing of any protected content (DVDs included) on any systems that do not meet a certain minumum level of DRM.
  • MS responds with “Yeah it’s a shame we had to disable DVD playback in XP, but you know, all you have to do is upgrade to Vista…”

Dammit, I forgot my tinfoil hat at home…

The very first thing I thought when I saw the thread title was “Make it Diablo 3, and I’ll upgrade.”

From what I’m hearing, it’s got the cap off and its fly unzipped. More DRM, more unnecessary features, more things hidden from the user, more MS-may-I-please-use-the-software activation jollies, and 7 different versions. That, and an upgrade will likely cost $150-$200.

Don’t talk, it’ll make it go back up.

Come on people, we all know that every five years or so we’re going to have to upgrade operating systems. It’s not like you gotta do this every six months.

I usually try to schedule a big hardware upgrade along with the OS upgrade. I might just buy a whole new computer this time.

If I could game on lunix, I’d so ditch windows :( I have no desire to upgrade to Vista at all. XP does fine for what I use it for - WoW and Firefox.

By the time Vista is released, a new copy of it at retail will probably cost more than an Xbox 360 plus a copy of Halo 2.

What makes you think Halo 2 is all there’s gonna be? ;) It’s just the only one announced.

Microsoft does indeed have other Vista-only games lined up for launch-ish release. Or rather, not necessarily Microsoft…other publishers may be providing the games. I just mean there will be other Vista-only games, or so MS tells me.

I think what we’re going to see a fair amount of are games that work on WinXP and Vista, but are significantly enhanced on Vista.

We don’t know that, that’s just been the custom. There’s no technical issues really driving this cycle anymore and so MS is going to find it harder and harder to squeeze money for frequent O/S upgrades out of the public.

Microsoft doesn’t make that much money out of upgrades anyway. All the money is in OEM licensing for new systems.

A lot of those OEM licenses are upgrades though. Heck, we’ve already had people say in this thread that they buy a new computer when want to upgrade their O/S.

I think that over time advancements in PC hardware and software will slow down and people will start treating PCs more like appliances. They will expect them to be stable, reliable, last 5+ years without requiring replacement, etc. In that kind of environment MS is going to face horrible pressure to match revenues that they traditionally earned by selling everyone a new O/S and office suite every few years.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. I don’t buy a whole new computer when I want to upgrade my OS. What I do is time things such that the release of a new OS coincides with a need to make a significant hardware upgrade. Sheesh…

Case in point: my current system is getting a little long in the tooth, and I kinda wanna upgrade pretty much everything, so maybe I’ll wait till after Vista is released and just get a new computer and OS.

If MS is wrong to be releasing an OS upgrade a mere five years after XP, what kind of monster is Steve Jobs with his yearly OS X updates?

Fair enough, perhaps I misunderstood. I apologize for mischaracterizing your position, but I still stand by the rest of my statements. In the long run people aren’t going to want to stay on the upgrade treadmill that has historically fueled the PC industry.

I’ve heard rumblings about a Live type service for PC games. It makes sense since XNA is cross platform between Vista and 360. Nothing for sure, but it would be nice.

Same. I don’t really need Windows. I just need a good browser, a word processor, and an OS that will play my games. I’d be happy to ditch Windows, or stay with XP and not upgrade anymore.

I’ve fooled around with Open Office and it seems fine. I don’t do anything fancy with my documents.

But those are only $120 dollars a pop and offer exciting new features, whereas Vista will be between $150-$200 and have crap for features. :rolleyes:

<– Has two macs and one WinXP box. And one linux box when he stops being lazy.

I’m not excited to pay money for an OS when it’s Sony that’s the customer.

There was a rumor about a 6 months ago that Mechwarrior 5 would be a launch title for Vista. Seeing that FASA Studios and Bungie work out of the same building in Redmond I’m now crossing my fingers hoping the rumor is true.