Firt pic of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent

Wait, Superman is gay?

That was the first Superman movie. Louis is killed in the big quake so he spins the Earth backword to reverse time.[/quote]

I thought the idea was he exceeded lightspeed, so went back in time. Not that this makes much more sense…

A random thought occurs to me in perusing the forum. Have any of you seen Superman recently or semi-recently? If so, or even if not and you can recall, where was the film shot? If New York doubled for Metropolis, were the Twin Towers ever visible in any of the aerial footage?

I think the new film will be filmed in Sydney, so it doesn’t matter. I was just wondering.



I saw it recently, well, not all of it, just the scene where he says “Pink” and then they fly. I don’t recall the towers now that you mention it.

Stop looking at my panties Clark.

Donner’s Superman 2 script can be found here.