Fishing Planet, possibly the best game ever made?

Downloaded this yesterday, played for 14 hours straight. Got it on a lark, and as kind of joke for my girlfriend, turns out it’s pretty great. It’s great in the same way hot shots golf was great…simple mechanics, but well done, and more complex than you might think. The combination of bait, line, rod, depth, time of day, lure presentation, conditions…it’s really well done.

Here’s some twitch footage of random playing, early game.

I love this game…not really sure why.

I see it’s free but has DLC totaling $72.97

My guess is that the guy with a gyroscopic fishing controller will not blanch at a mere $72.97 of fishing Nirvana.

Ya got catfish and crappie (?!?) fishin’…trout fishin’…and bass fishin’. What more d’ya need?

Nearly 1,300 people are playing this. Right now. What?

People like to fish from the comfort of home. :)

I’m o-fish-ally interested in this game. :)

Oh my cod, you went there.

Can you guys please not fill this thread to the bream with fish puns?

I might have to tackle this one some night when I have some spare time.

Careful. You might get hooked.

This game may lure me in too…

I’ll try it out, just for the halibut.

Don’t get baited into something you might regret.

The way you guys are carping on about this game is piscine me off.

This game is close to reeling me in as well!

There’s something fishy going on here!

17 posts in and already you guys are floundering trying to come up with the perfect pun. In fact, I’d say that’s the sole reason this thread is still alive. Hope you guys are happy trolling the rest of us just trying to find that ray of sunshine on a quiet holiday morning.

I will brook no further puns here, no trout about it.

Just lamprey that the negative steam reviews are wrong.

All these puns are giving me a haddock.