Fishing Sim World


Do you know if when you put the spod rod down, it’s still out there and active? It disappears when you put it down since they don’t seem to have a model for it on the peg rig.


No, it disappears.

Edit: As far as it still being active, I have no idea.


@jpinard What line lb are you using the higher the better. Always keep the rod tense and bent either to the left or right or high up. If you think of the tension meter as a clock face you want it around 9pm all the time. If the line goes slack the fish will get off and if it gets in the red it will snap the line.

The spod works by laying bait in a zone, normally i recast it every 10 minutes or so or if I move rod casting places eg in close then out further

In fishing hooks get bigger as the numbers get lower.

Size 20 = Smallest
Size 4 = Largest.

Big hooks for carp. Bigger size bait gets you bigger carp. Best is Tiger Nuts and Essential Cell boilies.


Once you get a 50 lb. line and the size 4 hooks going, the easiest way to reel in carp is to just pull it straight up, leave it there, and reel away with the tension set to 42.

That is the last tip I will give, because I don’t want you guys beating me :)


Son of a biiiiiiiiiig donkey.

6 lbs short of 1st place in the carp tourney. 2 attempts remain, though… :)


I’m becoming increasingly suspicious of the people on the top of the tournament leaderboards. Always the same names with numbers that are impossible. 950+ lbs of carp in an hour? If they were all trophies I couldn’t reel them in in only an hour. If they were all non-trophy carp, you couldn’t catch enough for 950 lbs in an hour. A mix between them is what I do but I have never broken 900, even with constant catching for 60 minutes.

The bass tournament is the weight of your top 5 fish. Leader right now has 66 lbs in a lake that gives up maybe 14 lb largemouth tropies. 5 of those is not 66 lbs. I don’t buy it, and I have never once caught multiple trophy bass in one spot. Fishy.

The predator tournament this week is walleye only. Bad news is that the walleye AI is so broken. You have to catch them with topwater lures (in the real world, walleye hide from light in the deeper parts of the lake). You throw a topwater lure around and you’ll get some plus everything else that lives in the lake. Someone has 500+ inches and the best I’ve done in an hour is 150. ?

The match tournament is fish in an hour. Even aiming for roaches I can manage 50 in an hour with all 3 rods humming. Because I still have to cast things back out and skip through the ‘show-off’ animation. Leaders have 80+. I don’t buy that for a second.

Are people actually cheating at a fishing game?


Probably. No idea why though as I don’t think there’s an black market for stuff like Fortnite or PUBG. It’s still a mostly solitaire game even in the online tourneys. I do them to try and get more fish bucks to get better/different gear. Plus the cost is minimal and I’d be fishing anyway. I haven’t tried the carp, but the bass one is easy enough to jump in and out of.


I saw those Carp numbers and I too thought it was insane.

Do they reward people outside of the top 3 or top 10? If they don’t, they should.


Everyone gets something. I’ve only gotten one top 3.

Last week I was 3rd in Carp, 10th in Bass, 9th in Predator and didn’t play Match and went from level 70 to 74 and got 78,000 TP I think.


It’ll give away my Steam/FSW name but I’m going to check what my carp score is right now. It’s the highest I’ve ever caught.

4th place with 850lbs 12oz.

I refuse to believe anyone can catch 975.

Edit: I had a trophy carp on my line when the timer ran out, so I can believe 900. (I should have 900, but I just couldn’t get him in quick enough)


Want to hear something funny? Until your postings today I thought those weights were for a single fish LOL.




Pro Tour Career Mode

This looks good, more lakes as well and more sponsored gear I see Salmon there as well, wonder if we are getting fly fishing.


Do you guys use a controller with this game? Do you think it’s more fun with one?


Nope use a mouse and keyboard, not thought to try a gamepad


Mouse and keyboard work just fine for me.


A career mode! One of the major things everyone wanted, me included. For free! Can’t even complain.


So I see this is on sale, how would this game work as

  1. 5 of us LAN party every winter. Could we set up a hour tournament when we need to slow things down for a while.
  2. If some of us played the game lots and others only played during the LAN party could it be set up balanced?

Thanks :)

  1. Have no earthly idea.
  2. Sure, if everyone agreed to use the same stuff.

Woo jumped to 2nd in Predator tourney. Learned how to Walleye, even though it’s 100% unrealistic and not at all how Walleye are caught.

Almost got the top spot, but had 4-5 hooks that were not correct. And I had my line tension wrong the whole hour…and I have no attempts left, but I’ll settle for 2nd any day.