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I saw those Carp numbers and I too thought it was insane.

Do they reward people outside of the top 3 or top 10? If they don’t, they should.

Everyone gets something. I’ve only gotten one top 3.

Last week I was 3rd in Carp, 10th in Bass, 9th in Predator and didn’t play Match and went from level 70 to 74 and got 78,000 TP I think.

It’ll give away my Steam/FSW name but I’m going to check what my carp score is right now. It’s the highest I’ve ever caught.

4th place with 850lbs 12oz.

I refuse to believe anyone can catch 975.

Edit: I had a trophy carp on my line when the timer ran out, so I can believe 900. (I should have 900, but I just couldn’t get him in quick enough)

Want to hear something funny? Until your postings today I thought those weights were for a single fish LOL.


Pro Tour Career Mode

This looks good, more lakes as well and more sponsored gear I see Salmon there as well, wonder if we are getting fly fishing.

Do you guys use a controller with this game? Do you think it’s more fun with one?

Nope use a mouse and keyboard, not thought to try a gamepad

Mouse and keyboard work just fine for me.

A career mode! One of the major things everyone wanted, me included. For free! Can’t even complain.

So I see this is on sale, how would this game work as

  1. 5 of us LAN party every winter. Could we set up a hour tournament when we need to slow things down for a while.
  2. If some of us played the game lots and others only played during the LAN party could it be set up balanced?

Thanks :)

  1. Have no earthly idea.
  2. Sure, if everyone agreed to use the same stuff.

Woo jumped to 2nd in Predator tourney. Learned how to Walleye, even though it’s 100% unrealistic and not at all how Walleye are caught.

Almost got the top spot, but had 4-5 hooks that were not correct. And I had my line tension wrong the whole hour…and I have no attempts left, but I’ll settle for 2nd any day.

My weekly online tournament summary:

Bass - 13th (bleh), 55,000 fake dollars (career bucks, whatever those are), 15,500 shopping points (TP)
Match - 8th (not a fan of this), 80,000 fake bucks, 18,000 TP
Carp - 6th, 90,000 fake money, 19,000 TP
Predator - 2nd! 500,000 fake dollars, 22,500 TP.

Plus each one gave 10k XP.

So just that pushed me from level 90 to 95, gave me $725,000 “career earnings” and 75,000 in-game store points.

Worth doing? Sure, if you can pull off top 10’s.

oh wow - nice jop! Next rain day I’m loading up.

I mean it is a huge time sink, though. The 2nd place Predator tournament took me all 3 attempts to get into the top 10 (I learned the magic trick to catching only walleye about 10 minutes into that), so that was 3 hours.

I also did all 3 carp tourney attempts, 3 more hours.

I did all 3 bass attempts, 3 more hours.

I did the match play one twice, 2 hours.

So all of that was 11 solid hours of pixel-fishing.

So career mode is out on Thursday along with 3 new free lakes and a massive update, 50 odd sponsors, new fish and new gear.

Additionally there is a new DLC the Giant Carp Pack available to purchase as well.

A feature-packed major update that all existing players of Fishing Sim World will receive FREE when it releases in July.

YouTube™ Video: Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour - Catch it in July

Join the Fishing Sim World Pro Tour this July! A feature-packed major update that all existing players of Fishing Sim World will receive FREE when it releases in July.

Standing in your way are “real world anglers" such as Scott Martin, Ali Hamidi, John Crews, Dave Levy, Jacob Wheeler, Ian Russell and many more as you compete in a multiple tournament career path, going from amateur to elite status, gaining social media following and earning sponsorship deals from over 50 licensed tackle companies such as Korda, Booyah, Mainline, 13Fishing and RidgeMonkey, all linked to your ongoing career earnings.

Fishing Sim World Pro Tour has 10 lakes to choose from, including the famous tournament venues, Lake Guntersville and Lake Travis as two of our five vast US lakes. European venues include Gigantica Main Lake in France, Manor Farm Lake from the UK’s top day-ticket water complex Linear Fisheries and a section of the Grand Union Canal in London. With plenty of variety in the environments, different styles of fishing and hundreds of trophy fish to catch, there are always new challenges to face, that will test your skills to the limit.

Take your fishing online and challenge your friends in multiplayer sessions where you set the rules. Choose how the session will be scored, what species will be counted, time limits and weather conditions. Customise even further, so you are targeting a variety of species with different rulesets for each additional competitive round you add.

You can also test your skills against anglers from all over the world in our Dovetail Fishing League. Different tournaments are set each week for you to take part in that contribute to your global rankings as you aim for the coveted Angler of the Month title.

With 29 different species of fish to catch including Bass, Carp, Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Barbel, Zander, Tench, Bream, Brown and Rainbow trout, each with its own unique AI and behavioral system, making sure you have the right tackle setup is of the utmost importance.

Every item of equipment you require for each style of fishing or species of fish targeted is available from our licensed partners. From end tackle by Korda through to lures from Booyah and boats from Bass Cat, Fishing Sim World Pro Tour features some of the biggest names in the fishing industry.

How is that post not an ad?

Well I posted it directly from their website as I could not be bothered to type it all up

I have deleted the 3 big pictures as it looked like an advert :)

There was nothing wrong with @Reemul post and I appreciate all the info as I would have missed this.